Hi, I’m Jenny.

I’ve got four dimples that pop up when I smile. My mom considers them to be her greatest accomplishments. This isn’t to say that my mom hasn’t accomplished very much in her life, because, believe me, she definitely has; this is just to emphasize the fact that she is very, very proud of my dimples.

This journal has nothing to do with origami nor does it have anything to do with dumplings. I created the title one night back in 2007 because I thought how lovely it would be to have a row of little folded paper dumplings with smiley faces drawn on them smiling at me while I studied. Yes, some days I really am that quirky; other days, I am less so but only because I haven’t had my daily chocolate.

This journal chronicles my life from when I used to live in LA with my hilariously quirky and understanding roommates to my life in DC with my cellphone/car/shoe-loving and very understanding boyfriend– note that “understanding” is key. I miss my former roommates immensely and try to fly back to them as often as I can. While I say that I love LA, the truth is that I only love LA because they are there; if they lived in a tiny, tiny town in the Midwest, I would long to be there and frequently jet over there, too.

I tend to write about my daily life with terms that usually describe food (I have no idea how true this actually is), record amusing conversations I’ve had, post images of my drawings and paintings, and write about food. I am a foodie whose passion for food has translated into many entries about the different restaurants I visit, some entries about the successful recipes I’ve tried, and an obsessive love for Trader Joe’s that my former roommates and current boyfriend don’t quite understand. But, my boyfriend does use it to his advantage because, whenever I am grumpy, he takes me to the nearest Trader Joe’s and follows me around while pushing a cart as it gets filled and I meander through the aisles until I feel better. It works every time.

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