Happy Birthday, Cheng-yee!

April 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today is Cheng’s 26th birthday. Yay!

It’s actually really important to me that I remember her birthday each year since I only bother to remember a handful of people’s birthdays. It is a personal marker to signify that those handful of people are incredibly special to me.

What I actually said:

Heyyyyy it’s Jenny. Okay, happy birthday! It is your birthday, right? I’m pretty sure that it is your birthday because MiRi’s is like in two days, and I have you two kind of liked grouped together– and not to be mean or anything*. But, like, seriously like two days apart? So. Er. Happy birthday! Yayyyy!…Er, yeah, your owl will be really, really, really late. Sorry. But, hey, happy birthday! I’ll see you soon! Byeeee!

So the actual message isn’t that much better than what Google voicemail transcribed because both sound a little confusing. And I think Google voicemail was trying to save my dignity and make me sound less ditzy. While I truly appreciate the earnest effort on Google voicemail’s part, if it truly knew me, it would know that its effort was for naught– it can’t spend its entire life trying to put out all my accidental verbal fires. And I quite like the consequential beautiful blaze.

At least this time, Google voicemail didn’t think I wanted to apathetically commit suicide.

* I have it in my head that grouping together people’s birthdays is kind of impolite because each person’s birthday is special… even though I do it. I do feel kind of bad about it though.


Happy Birthday, Wayne (again)!

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Maybe there just aren’t enough holidays for me–even makeshift ones like Nutella Day– so I’ll take some of the important holidays to me and celebrate it multiple times. Fortunately for Wayne, his birthday is one of my favorite holidays, so ever since he started dating me, he celebrates his birthday at least four times in a span of one week: with his friends, with his family, with my family, and with me. Sometimes there’s a drunken birthday night thrown in, so maybe five times. It’s a lot of cake and a lot of off-key singing for him all in one week. Maybe next year I’ll have the foresight to plan ahead to for us to fly over to where ever his best friend Dan is attending medical school and celebrate with him.

We visited his family this weekend to celebrate his birthday with them. Wayne’s dad took him golfing with some family friends while I did some grocery shopping with his mom for his birthday dinner. Wayne’s mom bought him a chocolate cake with fresh fruit filling from a bakery inside a local Chinese grocery store.


Happy Birthday, Wayne!

March 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wayne is super lucky in that a large majority of his college friends have moved to the DC area as well! We celebrated his birthday by going out to eat Korean barbecue with his friends and then everyone came over for beer, off-key singing of the birthday song, and chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, with a generous cup of Guinness in the batter to celebrate his birthday also being on St. Patrick’s Day.


December 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have always loved Spanish food since my foodie friend in LA asked me to dinner and eat tapas with her– she hated the culture and people in LA and comforted herself with good food so she always knew the best places to go; she now happily resides in Wisconsin and is attending medical school. I especially love the bright, saturated colors of the dishes and that the flavors are complex and bold.  The food tastes as richly comforting as home cooking to a homesick college student subsisting on cafeteria food and late night drive-throughs. For my 24th birthday, Wayne took me to Bodega in Georgetown to celebrate with bacon-wrapped fried dates, garlicky shrimp, mussels, and squid ink seafood paella, paired with a pitcher of sangria.

Fried dates wrapped in bacon

Sautéed Shrimp in Garlic, Piri-Piri & Olive Oil

Mussels in a white wine, garlic, and parsley sauce

Squid Ink "Black" Paella with Braised Baby Octopus, Squid & Scallops

White wine sangria

The happy couple!


December 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was my belated birthday celebration to commemorate my 22nd year of my life long eating contest. My roommates and I decided to pretend that the 15th actually fell on Thursday, conveniently after everyone was done with their finals. And I told God: “You were the one who gave me the 8 AM final in which I had to write ten full pages in less than two hours– keep in mind that I usually write ten pages in ten hours and consider that a speedily feat– and made it rain in a place where The Mamas and The Papas sang it would NEVER rain and on my BIRTHDAY. If you don’t like the fact that I’m changing Thursday from the 18th to the 15th, SUCK IT and FIX THE FACT THAT AMERICA IS IN TWO WARS– only you can fix stupid, but if you don’t want to, at least give Wubbya two brain cells to rub together.”

My birthday night was actually really wonderful. The plan was to go ice skating and then go to dinner. I realized that I couldn’t stand the cold during the day and would freeze later that night if I went ice skating (Okay, before anyone gives me a hard time about the fact that I live in Los Angeles therefore I have no right to complain because the weather must always be a balmy 78 degrees, you must keep in mind that 1) the media LIES and 2) I am 105 lbs with just enough body fat to give me 34A tits and just the little bit of thigh even though I eat as if every meal is my last meal so I should make it count. Listen, if given the chance, I WILL OUT-EAT YOU). I decided that it would be best if we went out to dinner instead. I chose The Cheesecake Factory because the menu is varied enough that there would be something for all the vegetable-only eaters, meat-eaters, picky-eaters, and fuck-the-entree-and-give-me-the-dessert-menu eaters. We went to The Grove, which is an outdoor mall that is very Los Angeles apparently and is so well decorated for Christmas that all I saw were bright yellow Christmas lights and candy canes. My roommate is housesitting for her former professor and is taking care of his gorgeous, very gentle, ten-year old Siberian Huskie-German Shepard mix named Clay. Since Clay has severe separation anxiety– so severe that if he is left alone in the house for even one minute, he will go crazy and rip apart the furniture– she brought him along. She let me walk him around The Grove while she wandered around and bought socks; she’s a sock fanatic, and rightly so– hello? knee-highs? He was the sweetest and easiest dog to walk. And luckily, my super-comfortable peep-toe high heels came in the mail on my birthday so that I could wear them to dinner and walk Clay around The Grove several times without any blisters and other foot agonies associated with new high heels.

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