I dislike red-eye flights for the wrong reason

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Things a person should do when flying a red-eye flight:

1. Wear pj pants
2. Bring a big, fuzzy blanket
3. Wear a sleep mask and ear plugs/earphones

Things a person should not do when flying a red-eye flight:

1. Watch three hours of “House” on the plane if one has hypochondriac tendencies and a vivid imagination


Loud Nostalgia

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So far on this trip to LA, I’ve…

1. Eaten at Daikokuya (I have been craving their tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen since May of last year)
2. Accidentally wandered down to Irvine
3. Spent most of my time fervently pointing at things and mock-angrily screaming, “Y’all changed! Y’ALL CHANGED!!” at the top of my lungs while contorting my face into odd positions as if attempting face yoga (don’t think there actually is such a thing…)

Ten things that make me surprisingly happy

June 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

1. The sweet chef who gave us complimentary appetizers for having to wait a little while for our table
2. My impulse purchase of my golden tassel necklace— it is now my favorite piece of jewelry; I love how just having the tiny chains tied together in a simple knot can create a lovely statement piece.
3. That clear nail polish seems to always be the answer to all my clothing problems, freezing the delicate threads in their place and suspending them in time (I still think it’s magic)
4. Wandering into a used bookstore with a “Buy 2, get 1 free” deal (And what made it just a bit better than other used bookstores? It also sold used clothes!… But none were in my size)

5. After being heart-broken that Wei-Chuan Turnip Strips buns are impossible to find in Northern Virginia, I suddenly found them in a small Chinese grocery store in Maryland, just twenty minutes away from home
6. When I accidentally hurt myself by bumping into something, Wayne will try to kiss the pain away, even (or especially) if it is the back of my head.
7. Feeling that summer has truly arrived while eating a popsicle (…okay, a few popsicles)
8. A gift in the form of cupcakes
9. Finally getting Wayne to watch Doctor Who with me and having him be even more addicted than I am
10. Playing around with Poloroin, a free website that transforms pictures into Polaroids! Go here (!): http://www.polaroin.com/

Ten things that make me delightfully happy

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1. Wearing red lipstick for no special occasion
2. Dry shampoo; that extra day of not having to wash my hair is priceless, and I am lazy
3. Purple tights
4. The words: “kerfuffle”, “befuddled”, and “wibbly-wobbly-timey-whimey”
5. My vase of flower headbands
6. The bow-tie that the Eleventh Doctor of Doctor Who wears
7. Pretending that my walks home from work are actually through a rainforest
8. Petunia, neighbor pug, who happily snorts at me and stands as close as she can to my legs as her way to tell me to pet her
9. Weeknight movie dates
10. Listening to heavy rainfall while inside the car

Ten things that make me incredibly happy

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Please notice that I didn’t include Trader Joe’s or macarons, because I’ve written about my love for them and how happy they make me many, many times that I thought maybe I should stop writing about them for a while. Or at least for the rest of this entry. So perhaps this entry should actually be titled: 10 things that make me incredibly happy (that aren’t Trader Joe’s or macarons).

1. Yellow roses in repurposed glass jars, wine bottles, and drinking glasses (such as wine or champagne glasses) as unorthodox vases
2. Reading used books that have been dog-eared and marked up with highlighter and little notes on the side
3. Brightly colored old  townhouses, especially the ones in San Francisco and Georgetown
4. Walking down the small corridor that connects the gate at an airport and the airplane
5. Walking into Daikokuya (Little Tokyo, LA) or Café Bonaparte (Georgetown, DC) and being immediately seated
6. Wearing two different nail polish colors at the same time; the left hand has one color and the right hand has a different but matching color
7. Walking up and down the aisles of Asian supermarkets and buying all the ingredients and foods I thought were really strange when I was young and accompanying my mom
8. My unique way of eating ice cream, sorbets, and gelatos, which is to shave off thin layers with my spoon while keeping the surface level as I eat—I love starting off along the edges and moving in a spiral path inward
9. Weekly dinners with my family (and seeing Wayne get along really well with my younger brother)
10. Getting to be the little spoon

This post was inspired by the very lovely, smile-inducing here’s-to-happiness section of one of my favorite blogs, the RockStar Diaries.


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How I know it’s Spring:

1. The weather has been showing growing pains of being 70F with sunny skies on one day and regressing to 40F with dreary skies the next day. There was that little incident with snowfall, but everyone trips and falls as they change.
2. What would have been disastrous snowfall has turned into torrential rainfall.
3. I smell the pungent, sour smell of fertilizer on the walk to the grocery store.
4. My boyfriend’s sports of choice have changed from snowboarding and bowling to golf and bowling– golf may be the love of his life, sports-wise, but bowling is the ugly mistress he keeps on the side because, while she’s not the prettiest to look at, she lets him do the weird stuff.
5. I wake up at 6:30 AM on a weekday, naturally (ie. before my alarm clock– my body is not opportunistic, but I guess I was already well aware when my body decides to wake up at 6:30 AM on the weekends, even during winter).

Advice to my younger self

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Dear 18 Year Old Jenny,

I could say that you shouldn’t be dating that boy since all he does is make you cry or that you should be using your time more wisely and not procrastinating when you really should be studying– when you’re accidentally watching a marathon of Dr. 91210, a show you can’t stand, because you can’t reach the remote, I really think that’s a sign that you should be doing something more productive, just saying— or to be yourself– okay, let’s face it, you’re going to be yourself whether you try hide your quirky self or let it shine because your personality is like a durian fruit— or that mom and dad are pretty much right about everything. But you probably won’t listen very well and take the advice. Plus the advice is pretty broad and general, so here are some tips that aren’t wibbly, wobbly, time-y, wime-y, convoluted life changing advice but they are very convenient if I were to know about them earlier in my life.

1. If you burn yourself, wet the burn with cold water and then dump, not sprinkle, a mountain of salt on it. How will you know if it’s enough salt? It should look like a miniature Mount Kilimanjaro. Wait around ten minutes and then wash it off. You know it’s working because you should feel the heat disappearing.

2. Buy the international version of your textbooks. The content is the same; usually the version is paperback so it’s lighter and more portable; the book is new so no messy, ugly handwritten notes that probably won’t be of much help; and it’s a fraction of the cost, like one-tenth of the bookstore price, which really is the main reason and the rest are just the rainbow sprinkles, caramel syrup, and the maraschino cherry on top. And let’s face the truth, besides the fact that you’ll only end up getting around $40 for the $210 textbook, you’re not actually going to get around to standing in line, are you?

3. If you have a run in your tights– stop that, stop, you scrunch your nose in disgust and disbelief, but, yes, you will love tights and your legs will look amazing in them–, brush clear nail polish on top of it. The run stops running and is frozen in time. It’s kind of magical.

4. Use eyeshadow primer, even if you’re just wearing eyeliner because you know that halfway through the day the eyeliner line will smudge and fade. There’s a reason why Urban Decay names their primer, “Potion”. There’s no smudging of eyeliner or creasing or fading of eyeshadow color. And it lasts for hours.

5. Put the bread in the freezer, it’ll last for months. Don’t put cakes, cupcakes, or muffins in the refrigerator because it will quickly dry out the crumb even if it’s just overnight. Leave them out on the counter, lightly covered.

6. When playing Apples to Apples, the winning cards are “Helen Keller” and “Plumber’s Crack”.


24 Year Old Jenny

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