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I found an old survey I took from over three years ago. I crossed out the things that are no longer true.

December 11, 2004

1. Donnie Darko Amelie
2. Spirited Away
3. Lord of the Rings (1-3) Love Actually
4. When Harry Met Sally
5. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
6. Battle Royale Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffanys
7. Briget Jone’s Diary
8. The Incredibles
9. Chicago Iron Man
10. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Legally Blonde (guilty pleasure)
11. Forest Gump
12. The Emperor’s New Groove Ratatouille

1. Weezer
2. Barenaked Ladies Zebrahead
3. Dido Gwen Stefani
4. Third Eye Blind
5. Black Eyed Peas Ellegarden
6. Jimmy Eat World The Hush Sound
7. Jason Mraz Alkaline Trio
8. John Mayer
9. Maroon 5
10.Alicia Keys
11.Keane The Corrs

1. My real name is Chenfang.
2. I’m an proud organ donor.
3. My favorite word is “lovely”.
4. I like clocks. I adore food and love baking, especially pies and cupcakes
5. I love Pucca. My sketchbook is my tangible artistic soul, still.
6. Only a select few people’s opinions actually matter to me. I think I’m refreshingly odd and wonderful just as I am.
7. I’m an open book with a few sticky pages.
8. I’m self-conscious. The more insecure I feel, the more false confidence I exude.
9. I feel ugly without wearing eyeliner and lip gloss. I secretly liken myself to Bridget Jones and call my dream guy, Mark Darcy.
10. I want to be a good person.

1. girls who apply the eyeliner too heavily and give themselves raccoon eyes When people use the word “artsy”.
2. pPl wHo TyPe LyKe ThIs When people who say “good” instead of “well” when asked how they are feeling, “that” instead of “who” when referring to a person, “was” instead of “were” for subjunctive clauses.
3. when people cheat on their significant other People who don’t appreciate a good education.
4. when people do not try to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend
5. when people who smoke When obese people keep saying that they will exercise and eat but don’t make any attempts to get into shape.
6. Closed-minded/ignorant people When people use religion as their reason to disapprove abortion and gay rights.
7. when people drink to be completely wasted– I consider it disrespectful and there’s a thing called MODERATION When working in a group, the group members try to slack off or don’t do their work.
8. short-tempered people People who curse too much– it was rebellious and novel in high school but now it is just bad taste.
9. people who give up without trying

1. pasta
2. philadelphia roll pork bone ramen from Daikukoya
3. fried crab wontons
4. green tea with honey
5. hot cocoa
6. water
7. vanilla pudding with rainbow sprinkles
8. vanilla bean cheesecake
9. pies
10. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
11. unagi bowl
12. mochi ice cream
13. chocolate chip bread

1. contacts
2. eyeliner
3. lip gloss Korres pomegrate rose lip butter
4. three hearts ring on right ring finger Tiffany’s ring with a little lock on right ring finger
5. ouchless black hair tie on right wrist unless it is in my hair
6. jeans
7. bra and panties pink pearl earrings

1. The Emperor’s New Groove Baking or cooking
2. happy couples Working in my sketchbook
3. painting not for school Books and bookstores
4. spring Farmer’s market or Little Tokyo on a sunny day
5. girls’ day/night
6. a nice, long, thoughtful conversation

1. my cellphone
2. my laptop
3. my Carbuncle my Coach lemon wedge wallet
4. my hair my Ipod

1. December 22, 2002; April 19, 2003; April 25, 2003; April 26, 2003; May 3, 2003; May 6, 2003; May 17th, 2003; October 12, 2003; November 26, 2003; February 14, 2004; June 5, 2004; August 13, 2004 When my brother first learned to walk and stumbled to me.
2. October 14, 2003; April 15-19, 2004; June 18, 2004, August 13, 2004, August 14 and 15, 2004 When I got my acceptance letter from USC
3. Otakon Last Friday night when Simon drove overĀ  to see me at 10pm to get Rita’s and go out to eat and drink at Fridays– it was a great way to end the horrible week.

1. the Jenny my teachers know
2. the Jenny my friends know

1. my special someone…or Simon

Notre version d’amour vrai

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Me: I have a seriously messed up sense of humor sometimes. And I still haven’t gotten into trouble with my sense of humor yet. Impressive, yeah?
Simon: ….nothing short of a miracle
Me: I think the cuteness factor gives me a bit of immunity…oh, and the shock factor.
Simon: Yep. I’m immune
Me: Yet you’re still around…
Simon: Go figure! That’s loyalty for ya.
Me: I KNOW RIGHT?! You even listen to my poop stories. Man, that’s some kind of love.
Simon: Hahaha And I don’t really get disgusted anymore.
Me: That’s how you know it’s true love!
Me: I love you Buhbby.
Simon: I love you too Squishy.

Best friends for six years and counting…

J’ai dit..

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On describing my personality:
Me: I’m the love child of a snickerdoodle and sandpaper: sweet with some spice and a little bit of an edge.
Friend: Didn’t you say you had the personality of a spastic hummingbird?
Me: That was last week.

On my interpretation of holding a pile of papers:
Me: My potential possible future death of a thousand paper-cuts. Large piles of paper scare me. They are giant mountains of potential paper-cuts. One time I fainted from getting a paper-cut because I was so shocked and distraught by the paper’s betrayal.


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These made me laugh and miss her even more than I already do:

On trying to turn on the shower in my apartment:
Chengyee: [frantic] Help me! I’m naked and I can’t turn on the shower.
Me: Just pull really hard.
Chengyee: What? Do I just pull hard? Do I turn it? Do I pull and turn it really hard?
Me: I think you just need to pull really hard.
Chengyee: [solemn] If it doesn’t work and I die, I will call you back.
Me: From heaven?
Chengyee:…If it doesn’t work and I die, I will call you back.
Me: Okay.

On new friends:
Chengyee: Oh and pigeons keep talking to me through the glass door from the balcony.

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