Facts– continued

August 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

16. I love my best friends. Of course they are sweet. Of course they are intelligent. Of course they are fun. Each is so unique that I know I won’t find another like her (honestly, another girl who calls herself “Hamster” and has an obsession with ladybugs?).  But what makes me love them, makes it impossible for me to even be annoyed at them, is how much I trust them and feel safe with them. Trust in the sense that I know that what they think of me and what they say about me are the same things they say to my face, even if what they are saying is “fucktard” for trying to invent my own form of Morse code to communicate with one of them through a shared wall instead of studying.  Safe in the sense that regardless of what happens, no matter how far I am from them or how long I have been away, the support, the caring, the understanding will always be available when I need it. Like family, they have my best interests at heart and leave the door open for me to return.

17. I fail at being a vegetarian. Truly, I’m pescetarian, which is a stopover on the way to vegetarian, wherein I give up all meats except for seafood. It’s cheating, I know. But I’m getting there. Progress! I still eat meat occasionally, but I save it for special people. Here’s the breakdown: if we’re just friends, I stick with my tofu, vegetables, and fake meat substitutes. If I care about the person, I’ll eat fish. If I really, really like a person, I’ll eat chicken. If I love the person, I’ll eat beef or pork. Luckily, the number of people I love enough to eat chicken, beef, or pork is so small that I don’t even use all the fingers of one hand. So if I eat a cow, feel fucking special.

18. Suddenly, I am a morning person. I say suddenly because it feels like such a huge and drastic change for me that I am still adjusting to the idea, but, in reality, I have been a morning person since April 2008 when I started waking up naturally at 6 or 7 AM. It wasn’t a one day fluke. It continued for a month before I stopped thinking it was a fluke. And it continues to this day, which makes it very unfortunate when I fall asleep in the very early morning while the sun is in the middle of its REM cycle because I still wake up around 7 AM. However, waking up early did not mean that I was early or on time for my 11 AM class; I was always 5 minutes late.

19. I tend to overreact to everything, but I become offended by next to nothing. I rarely get angry and, even then, I forgive easily. I smile so widely my cheeks hurt, laugh so loudly that it comes from the stomach and my sides hurt, and wave my hands in excitement so chaotically, I’ll hit people and they hurt. I am just too happily enthusiastic for words, and it could be detrimental to my and others’ health.

20. I adore Kate Spade because of the shared absolute adoration of Audrey Hepburn and shared appreciation for bright solid colors, whimsical polka dots, and clean lines. I not-so-secretly, desperately want to be like Audrey Hepburn, but my Kathy Griffin mouth has me falling short.

21. I have been sleeping with a green furry blanket since winter of my senior year of high school. It is essentially my security blanket because I hate to sleep without it unless I absolutely have to. It was the last thing my maternal grandfather gave me before he died that winter. When I sleep with it, it makes me feel closer to the my family, which was crucial when I lived in LA and so far away from my mom.

22. My favorite things are the things people have given me over the years. I sleep with them surrounding me: my green furry blanket that my grandfather gave me, the teddy bear wearing a USC hoodie that Chengyee gave me, my sketchbook that Naomi gave me, the penguin that Simon gave me, and the Dr. Pepper hoodie that my boyfriend lent me.  It makes sleeping with me in my bed slightly uncomfortable, especially during the period of time when I brought my drawing tools into bed with me– waking up with a pencil poking me in the back was not pleasant.


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