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I swear I don’t have a foot fetish. I just like drawing feet because they are easy exercise and they are convenient in that I’ve never had someone get offended that I drew a few extra wrinkles into the bottoms of their heels or the fleshy part of the skin covering the Achilles’ heel. People get very offended if I draw in their obvious double chin; I learned that the hard way.


I will not be small by Jettgirl
The Kiss by Chasing Twilight
Untitled by worth the wait
Warm Orange by dfg photography


Stretch Before Running

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This is my equivalent of stretching before a run. Before I draw anything more intensive than a pudgy bunny doodle, I sketch brown paper bags.

(Hm, I’ll have to swap out these camera images with better quality ones when I get to a scanner.)

Lemon Macarons

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I’m not obsessed at all.

I don’t prefer a box of macarons to jewelry or flowers.

I don’t get distracted or lose my train of thought when I see a photograph of these edible, crisp, chewy, airy jewels.

And, no, I was not eating a small box of vanilla and chocolate macarons while I was painting this.

Lies. All lies.



And, because I really can’t restrain myself to not eat the macarons I would be painting, I used a picture off of Flickr as reference. Please see:

Lemon Macarons by Sweet Tiers

Leroy, Izzie, & Mama Giraffe

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Meet Leroy.

He’s adorably goofy and is still in that awkward phase of his life when he’s all long, bony limbs. He likes playing baseball until it is too dark to find the ball and drinking especially fizzy, bubbly soda that tickles the insides of his mouth.


Meet Izzie.

She’s has a sweet face but has a smart-aleck streak in her personality. It could be thought of as obnoxious but we’ll call it independent thinking. Plus, she has such beautiful eyelashes that seem to extend for miles. She likes bubblegum and David Sedaris’s essays, but she relates more with his sister, Amy.


Meet Mama.

She loves her creative, rambunctious children dearly.


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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


I wasn’t given lemons, just the flu. And an ear infection. So, I painted lemons instead.

Thanks, Life.



Since I really didn’t have actual lemons, I used these pictures that I found off of Flickr as references. Please see:

Lemon by Pisces Romance
Lemon curd / Curd de limão siciliano by Patricia Scarpin
tablescape by adashofsass


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The road to my heart is marked and littered with the absentminded and unintended brush strokes of dirty paintbrushes and the crumbs from macarons.

Macarons are my favorite confectioneries.


This delectable sweet is my weakness.

However, it should not to be confused with the macaroon. There’s an extra “o” in the second word, yes, but man oh man does that extra “o” make a difference. It’s a letter! One letter! How can that one letter do so much damage and cause such a huge difference? For one, that “o” signifies that the cookie is the American version, which has coconut as the main ingredient and tastes like cake-y in its moist, dense structure. I love coconut; I especially love toasted coconut, and I love anything sweet so I like macaroons, but those little coconut cookies have nothing on my beloved French confectionery that look like little jewels. The lack of the extra “o” signifies the French version of the macaroon– it is the French spelling–, which has ground almonds as the main ingredient and has a filling sandwiched between two cookies that have a light, meringue airyness. The French macaron is gorgeous in its color saturation, delicate in its structure, and so incredibly varied in its multitudes of flavors that range from the traditional, for example: French vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry, to the super creative such as green tea, lavender, black sesame or even cayenne pepper.

In the DC area, places to find good macarons are:

Patisserie Poupon
1645 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20007

Praline Bakery & Restaurant
4611 Sangamore Rd
Bethesda, MD, 20816

However, to find the best macarons in DC, please go here: Michel’s Patisserie

My favorite place for the macarons in DC– the best macarons in DC, actually– is Michel’s Patisserie because of the combination of classic, like chocolate, French vanilla, and raspberry, and interesting flavors such as red velvet, lychee, and matcha in each box. The macarons from Michel’s are lovely because they have a crisp outershell but are so creamy inside and with just the right amount of chew. The almonds have been finely, finely ground and there is no grainyness, which is an unfortunate characteristic in some macarons I’ve eaten from Patisserie Poupon. There is no physical storefront however. Instead, the macarons are available for free pickup from several places in and around the DC area: DC, Arlington, Reston, and Alexandria. They are also available for delivery, nation-wide even! However, please don’t consider this option if the recipient lives in California; instead order from ‘lette, with storefronts in Beverly Hills and San Francisco.

UPDATE: For images of Michel’s Patisserie’s macarons, please go here.

Mon raison pourquoi je suis qui ce je suis

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I have lived my life by my pencil and experienced life through my drawings. My friends who are photographers have the ability to view the world in black and white like their photographs, and my friends who are in theater view the world as a stage and constantly break out in song or monologues. I view the world as a series of drawings all telling a never-ending story that begins with a single line.

When I was five, I ran into walls, accidentally broke seven mirrors, and received scrapes and bruises from chasing down boys on the playground because they made my friends cry. My mother could easily transform me into her perfect little angel by handing me a pencil and some pieces of paper. I would sit quietly for hours and happily draw my little girls with to many fingers and no noses– I thought noses were ugly. But as I grew older, I never had any aspirations to be an artist or cartoonist; I just considered drawing my identity.

There was a time in my life when I tried to dismiss drawing as a passing hobby, but I would always end up returning to my pencil and paper whenever I needed an outlet for my emotions. For me, my fail-safe emergency mechanism was: fight, flight, or draw. I let a couple of strokes of graphite or ink speak for me when I lacked the knowledge of what words to say.

Drawing is my second language.

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