Pauvre lait

April 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

Maybe I am lactose intolerant?

I went out to a creperie in Beverly Hills with Brittany for some late night decadent crepes a la mode. And just like when I went to Cold Stone Creamery last week for cake batter ice cream, 30-40 minutes later, my stomach started hurting and feeling bloated.

In retrospect, it makes sense that I’m now lactose intolerant. It happened like the majority of the interesting things or situations in my life: accidentally. I haven’t had ice cream in over at least year before the cake batter from last weekend. I haven’t drank milk for at least a year to two years. Not because I don’t like the taste of milk, I just forgot. I just love love Silk’s Very Vanilla soy milk because it is so much more creamier and so deliciously sweet. It was designed for little kids. Figures.

Does this change my lifestyle at all? Just like my slight allergies to clams, which causes me to get rashes and my acne to flare up, I will very happily deal with the consequences of eating the foods that makes my body angrily wary because my tastebuds are delighted with the “ooooh la la….yum”.


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