This is how we say “I love you”

March 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

On some messages being lost in translation:

Chengyee: I hate you.
Me: [smiles] Okay.
Chengyee: …You just heard “I love you”, didn’t you?
Me: Yup.


Dinnertime Conversations

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On singing and making noises:
Diana: [randomly starts singing] Blue moooooon….[looks at Chengyee and me to see if we noticed her singing]
Me: [looks up from Stev-e (my laptop) and stares, doe-eyed] Hmm?
Diana: [looks at Chengyee and then back to me] Don’t start. Cuz you guys are weirder.

On people and their time limits before they become annoying to talk to:
Me: I think he’s okay in small doses. He’s kind of annoying in big doses.
Chengyee: I think everyone is okay in small doses. Except you. You only come in big doses. You don’t give people a choice. Take it or leave it!
Me: …Yay?
Chengyee: It’s a compliment.

Eman’s prediction of how I’ll act during my spring break while my roommates and girl friends all go to NYC and Philadelphia:
Eman: Wednesday is probably the day you’d become the most overwhelmed with being alone.
Me: Err try 2 hours after ALL MY ROOMATES LEAVE.
Eman: I mean, well, the thing is you’ll occupy yourself with trips to all the food places and sleeping. And you won’t have much time to be whiney and alone. I know you. (But when you do realize that you’re alone) You’ll just sit in the middle of the apartment and go “wahhh!”

For the record, I’m pretty sure his prediction will be correct


March 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Diana’s mom randomly gave her a Disney 365-page calendar with various Disney characters and scenes from the movies. She was passing out individual days to the roommates. She asked if anyone wanted a Cinderella page with the mice.

On Jaq and Gus-Gus:
Me, Chengyee, and Michelle: [without planning, simultaneously singing] Cinderelly, Cinderelly…
Chengyee: Do we know the rest of the song?
Michelle: …I think that’s all we know…

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