How to date me:

April 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

1. Talk food to me; I am a tad obsessed.
2. Repeat, verbatim: “There is nothing you can say to make me leave you.” And mean it. I need to be accepted as I am.
3. Be honest; I will trust you completely without any doubt.
4. Have a lot of patience; I will test it.
5. Do not cheat on me; I will be utterly devastated.


April Fool’s Day

April 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

My roommate Chengyee took a nap around 2 PM. When she woke up at 6PM, she saw it was light out and saw me in my pajamas while looking at food recipe websites (very typical of our mornings here since I wake up earlier than everyone else) and immediately thought it was 6AM and that she had fallen asleep for sixteen hours. I had to convince her that it was still Wednesday and her midterm was still tomorrow, not in six hours.

I didn’t encourage her mind’s prank on herself because I know that both our grasps on the concept of time are straining. If I had thought that I only had five hours to study for my econometrics exam instead of a day, I would break down in to a hysterical mess of tears and screams.

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