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Every morning I simultaneously develop and conquer my fear of escalators. I imagine so many scenarios that involve losing my balance with a misstep and tumbling down, knocking into the unfortunate people in front of or behind me as my body goes careening into them like a purple and pink bowling ball into unsuspecting pins. It would be the only time I would be able to get a strike, strike, strike, TURKEY! I am only able to conquer my daily re-awaken fear of escalators and speed walk up and down escalators because I have an even bigger fear of missing my connecting train or bus. Which sounds understandable and innocuous enough, until I add that I am frequently running after a bus that is parked and waiting. The bus drivers frequently give me a bored look with a slightly raised eyebrow as if to say, “…You know, I’m not moving for a while, right?” as other commuters leisurely stroll on board.

It’s okay, though. Throw in a couple daily real life reenactments of Frogger as I run across busy roads– too impatient to wait for the red-orange hand sign to change– and this is my urban workout.



Riding a Bicycle

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Dear “It’s just like riding a bicycle”,

Boy oh boy do I hope that people aren’t lying about you. And if those people earnestly believe that your skill is the easiest to learn and retain, I really hope they aren’t underestimating your ability to be difficult. Because have you met “Easy as pie”? Have you tried making a pie crust? From scratch? With butter and lard? Not easy. I haven’t ridden a bike since I lived in Montana. It feels so long ago that I sometimes wonder if I’m making up that fact because my living there sounds a little random and my life feels so different now.

I’m really counting on you this weekend. We’re going to the Poconos and going bike riding. Sure, it’s mostly downhill, but that’s slightly scarier because the last time I was riding a bike, in order to use the brakes, I had to back-pedal. What the hell are handbrakes?

Please don’t help me get a Darwin Award.



Frolicking in Malcolm X Park!

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Wayne and I visited Malcolm X Park (also known as Meridian Park) over the weekend, and I fell in love with the cascading waterfall fountain, multiple staircases, and sloping hills that are perfect for lounging. The park is clean but a bit run down with the plants overgrowing but, to me, all those elements just adds character and charm, especially the overgrown plants because they reminded me of a jungle.

Our original plan was to picnic there but we woke up late and were ill-prepared since we didn’t have a basket, blanket, or food; several items pretty important for picnicking, though they are unimportant for make-pretend picniking. But we still visited and strolled around the entire park. I’m hoping that Wayne and I will be able to picnic there a few times before fall.

Update, kind of

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When Wayne went up to New Hampshire for business a couple weeks ago, I honestly thought I would be writing lots of entries, one after right after the other, because when left alone, all I have are my thoughts. And they are quite loud and verbose– that isn’t to say that they are intelligent or meaningful or interesting, but those verbs aren’t really requirements for my entries anyway– and demand attention from me. Usually, they’re all like little Jeffs from “Coupling”. Ridiculous and hard to ignore.

But then I discovered “Modern Family”*, and my thoughts and I were completely enamored with Cameron, Mitchell, and Lily** and the rest of the family. And we were quiet.

So, an update of sorts:
1. I’ve accidentally been gifted Wayne’s nook. I’m not sure how to feel. I feel like I’ve joined the dark side. I’m wondering if this is how Anakin felt. Or if he was a bit more torn up? I’m not trying to belittle his transformation; it’s just that big of a deal for me to have an e-reader. I’m actually reading more (real, paper-flipping books) as a way to compensate for having a nook, in addition to reading on the nook. Meanwhile, my inner Captain Jean-Luc Picard is offering me earl grey tea and trying to convince me that I really should give Dickens a try while I’m a little frustrated and telling him, “Can’t I just drink some green tea and read Murakami, and we call it a day? I’m exhausted from my internal war”.

2. Honestly, my receiving a nook is my biggest news in the past month. Oh! And the fact that I didn’t kill my brother’s hamster while he was in my care when my parents and brother went to China. Sadly, that is a big accomplishment for me. His name is…Well, he has a whole bunch of names because no one really agreed with my brother’s choice for a name for the hamster, which is “Him”, so we all gave him a name. Wayne and I call him, “Hammy”. My mom calls him, “The little tiny one”. And my dad hasn’t named the hamster because he is too busy telling us he doesn’t like animals while spoiling the hamster by giving him globs of honey with a chopstick.

* I know I’m super late to the game with this, but I have a rule that I can’t watch any show that I have any interest in until it’s done the first season, a second season has been ordered, and there are no rumors of cancellation. I can’t deal with any more heartache after the cancellations of Firefly, Dollhouse, and Pushing Daisies.
** Seriously, Lily is the most adorable, well-mannered little girl in the world on the show. It makes me not want to have kids because I know my little girl will be no where as sweet or well-behaved. I know this because I am an ass. And the apple probably won’t fall far from the tree***.
*** What is with me and all these silly cliche sayings today?

Modern Family Addiction

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Wayne’s been out of town for business.

What I planned to do: read my growing collection of books — my biggest vice are used books on for less than $3.00; yes, I know that the shipping costs more than the book, but, for some reason, the knowledge of that makes me even more giddy–, do some work in my sketchbook, eat healthy and vegetarian foods– just because I caaaaaaaaaannnn.

What has actually happened: I’m watching seasons 1 and 2 of “Modern Family”. I’m so addicted that I’ll wake up an additional 21 minutes early just to watch an episode before having to get ready for work. BUT! I am eating healthfully and vegetarian, so….one goal accomplished!


Photo Diary: Heat Wave Cravings

July 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

The heat wave was almost unbearable last weekend with its triple digit heat. It also ruined Wayne and my weekend plans to try something new and go hiking. Instead, we spent the entire weekend trying new-to-us places to eat. So instead of trying something new and being super active, we tried something new and were super gluttonous. Same thing, right?

To be honest, my goal last weekend was to drink sangria and lay out in the sun sprawled out like a starfish. It was too humid for me to lay outside, but at least I got my sangria.

We also tried out a pizza place, Pupatella, that was touted on yelp for creating authentic Neapolitan pizzas. Their simple margherita pizza was so delicious and way better in quality than what I was expecting for dinner that night since my only prerequisite for dinner was a place that I could eat the meal with my hands– apparently the heat wave causes me to be a sangria-drinking toddler. However, I retained enough of my sanity to want to go back and try their other pizzas. I think it’s our new favorite pizza place, especially when we arrive between the rush of traffic of hungry pizza-eaters.

After hearing our friends talk about Toki Underground, we really wanted to try it since we’ve been on a ramen kick and the place is the only place we know of in the DC area that sells Taiwan beer, a true novelty for my beer-lovin’ Taiwanese boyfriend. It was hard to find– and we ended up walking past it a couple times–, because the only sign signaling that it was Toki Underground was a blue symbol on the door. And it was on the second floor of the building, not underground.

The ramen broth and noodles were good. Though the pork was really tough and chewy and bothersome to eat. And I took out the red ginger slices. I didn’t compare it to Daikokuya; it was pointless to compare since they have different flavors and interpretations of the pork bone ramen, especially since this place is Taiwanese. I thought it was hilarious that the soup spoon was a ladle. I prefer the tonkotsu ramen at Satsuma but I think we’ll definitely return to Toki Underground because they sell Taiwan beer and the ramen was pretty good.

Ten things Wayne does to make me happy

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1. The way you take care of me by minding the small details I don’t pay attention to… like always charging my Iphone…or doing the laundry. Clean underwear is important…I just used to buy new ones to put off doing laundry…
2. The fact that you always eat everything I make for you and are so grateful…even when I mess up the dish and it looks nothing like the pretty pictures on Tastespotting
3. The personalities you give to inanimate objects and the curiously large number of stuffed animals that we have
4. You will hold conversations with me even though my side of the conversation consists of meowing, rawr-ing, and whines, and you completely understand my responses
5. You know that when I ask you if you love me, it means I’m gauging your willingness to go with me to Pitango so I can get my gelato fix.
6. You and your fashion sense like to go shopping with me — I don’t need to go shopping with a girlfriend!
7. The fact that you collect the movie stubs of every movie we see, even the ones we saw before we started dating
8. Your willingness to watch Korean dramas with me
9. You always let me have last bite/sip
10. You know to buy me a box of macarons to make me feel special and to take me to Trader Joe’s when I’m grumpy

Happy two years, Wayne!

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