Honey Pig Korean Barbecue in Annandale

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There are a few magical words that make Wayne’s eyes light up with excitement whenever I say them.

One of them is “Honeypig”.

It’s the name of our local Korean barbecue restaurant, Honey Pig Gooldaegee Korean Grill, that –I think– is open 24/7 and seems to always feature sales on their different cuts of meat that have been marinated with various seasonings like gochujang, Korean pears, soy sauce, onions and garlic, garlic, garlic. The meat is cooked on a circular grill by the sweet and friendly staff while patrons sit at the table and stare hungrily with their mouths watering. It doesn’t seem to matter whether or not I’m hungry before I arrive because I become hungry when I look at the menu and then I am starving when I see the strips of marinated spicy pork belly come out and are laid across the grill. I suddenly feel like I haven’t eaten in days. The sad thing is that my love for Korean barbecue is minuscule compared to Wayne’s friends. He has one friend who loves Korean barbecue so much that he would easily eat at Honey Pig every meal if possible, and he has actually gone there by himself just to eat platters of spicy pork belly and bulgogi. It’s a bit unusual because usually people go to Honey Pig in groups.

I love this place for the food, but I return because I always get friendly, sweet service. The ladies who take our orders and cook the meat are kind, especially to my mom, and incredibly efficient. The restaurant is well-ventilated but I always walk out smelling of marinated meats in my clothes, which I personally don’t mind. The lingering smell does bother Wayne so he leaves his clothes hanging outside the closet for the smell to leave. Being one of the few places around here that focuses on Korean barbecue, the restaurant becomes extremely crowded on Fridays and Saturdays for the dinner hours and after late-night drinking hours. The first time I came here, it was during February and my group had to wait two hours outside. We had enough time for me to go grocery shopping and come back to continue waiting. The waiting for two hours nonsense was bizarre to me after living in LA with a $16 all-you-can-eat Korean Barbecue restaurants on practically every street corner.

Honey Pig Gooldaegee Korean Grill
7220 Columbia Pike
Ste C
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 256-5229


Llama Font

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I want to say that my life is now complete. I know that statement isn’t true because I don’t have a shiba inu puppy napping on my legs while I watch the Food Network and our apartment isn’t located above a Trader Joe’s, but this Llama font makes me feel as if my life is almost nearly there.

That llama and his friends are all so limber and flexible!

“Everything is better in llama”

“Trader Joe’s” (even better in llama!)


To play with the Llama font, go here: Llama Font

Sweet Moments from Sunday

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Letters to Spring and Friends

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Dear Spring,

You have broken my heart multiple times the past couple of months with your indecisiveness. You’re hot and then you’re cold. And then sometimes you snow? I’m not sure if I can trust you.

Dear Mango Mochi Ice Cream,
I know some people like to celebrate the end of their work day with a glass of vino or a chilled bottle of beer, but you, my darling, are my favorite way to end the day during the summer time. Don’t worry. I don’t cheat on you during the winter months; I’m far too busy rolling myself up into a tight taquito of blankets and pillows and wool socks.

Dear Sweater Tights,
You were my best hosiery friend during fall and winter. You made me look fashionable while still keeping me warm, which, let’s face it, was much more important to me than anything else, including looking fashionable. But I think we might need to take a break…We’ve spent an awful lot of time together…And while I was walking home from work (…and then to the leasing office because I forgot my key inside the apartment and was locked out), I realized that we need to take some time too cool down.

Dear Summer,
I get it. You’re just around the corner. I’m going to the gym… Tomorrow.


Love, hearts, & kisses, kisses, kisses from Jenny

Hello, Learning Curve

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Through the Canon Loyalty Program*, I was able to get a new toy for a fraction of the cost, Canon EOS Rebel T2i for $511 plus tax, free shipping. Sure, it’s refurbished, but I was willing to buy a used one off of Craigslist from a random seller; at least this way, I have a 90-day warranty to figure out if there are any issues that need to be address. And, actually, the price I was able to buy the refurbished T2i was much less than the prices on Craigslist. It’s so new and has so many more buttons than my Nikon FM10 and Wayne’s Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T90 (which I’ve pretty much claimed as my own because he prefers the convenience of his iPhone camera) that I’m a little bit overwhelmed. I carry the little manual around with me and am determined to learn all the photographic functionalities (I’m apathetic to the video capabilities right now; I wanted the video option for when Wayne and I finally bring home our Shiba Inu puppy…next year– I like to plan ahead), but there’s a good amount of fumbling.

Unfortunately, the only way I learn is to make a lot of mistakes, which means that I have a lot of overexposed images from the aperture being too open– let’s just say that I lived by the little green light in my FM10– and images with the focus on the wrong objects because I kept playing around with the focal points. I know how to correct these issues for the future (for one, I have to learn to fight my urge to set the lens to the lowest fstop and gleefully screaming, “Let there be light (…and shallow depth of field)!”), but it seems that I needed to stumble and trip into my mistakes to figure out how to do things correctly. On the bright side, I do like my compositions. That’s something, right?

Here’s the only picture that I like from the photos I took today:



*Canon allows people to trade-in their broken point-and-shoot Powershot cameras for a discount on a refurbished camera; people are allowed to choose another point-and-shoot or a digital slr. The price of the T2i with the kit lens is $511 plus tax, but there is free Fedex 2-day shipping. I used this website for the information I needed: Canon Loyalty Program

Internal exchange of goods and services

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The bribes I use to convince myself to get out of bed and get ready for the day have changed a lot over the years, but not so much for the better or worse, more so…sideways and basic.

In high school, I would bribe myself with the promise that if I get out of bed and go to school, I could come back and take a nap when I came home. It’s not the most juicy bribe, and it was almost just stating a fact more than a bribe, but at 6 AM, it seemed to make a lot of sense.

In college, I would bribe myself with the promise that I could watch an episode of Pushing Daisies/Burn Notice/Scrubs/Doctor Who/Coupling/Friends/Monk/Firefly (this could go on for a while) when I came back from class. I was obsessed with watching my television shows; I used to countdown to when I had to go to class in terms of how many minutes of a show I could watch.

In the working world, I bribe myself with the promise of a cup of oatmeal with brown sugar sprinkled on top for breakfast. Or if I’m having a really hard time getting out of bed, I’ll change the oatmeal to an everything bagel and throw in a piece of chocolate to literally sweeten the deal.

I don’t know what to say. Apparently, I’m very easily bribed with the most menial things. There was a supermodel, Linda Evangelista, back in the 1990’s who famously said,”I won’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day”. I’ll get out of bed for a cup of warm oatmeal with brown sugar. And I’ll rush out of bed for an everything bagel. Maybe I should raise my standards?

Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee

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Sunday morning in Pittsburgh, I had ice cream for breakfast.

Not just any ice cream. It was peach cobbler flavored ice cream with bits and chunks of gingersnaps mixed throughout. And the ice cream tasted like as smooth as soft serve. Served in a paper cup, it looked like peach oatmeal. Breakfast is regretting giving me the green light to eat dessert first and is wearily sighing at my attempt to at least make it look like a typical breakfast item. And my inner five-year-old is in awe at my audacity, cheering, “You go giwl!”– I had an issue pronouncing my r’s correctly; I probably still do, but I just don’t care.

Wayne and I met up with Jeff and Wynee at Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee Co for waffles, ice cream, and coffee, the three things this place is known for. I knew from the door handles that I would like Oh Yeah! Ice Cream. I didn’t realize how important door handles were until I saw the large brass antique ice cream scoopers as the door handles. I was instantly excited. I had the same feeling I usually get when I read a really good first sentence. I wanted to re-read it a couple times to savor the feeling, but it’s hard to read objects that have no words, so I took pictures instead.

The interior was decorated in such an adorably kitschy way that I felt that I had stumbled into someone’s attic. Every bit of wall space was taken up with license plate or a street sign or a pieces of colorful paper advertising an upcoming local crafts fair. Apparently there is free wifi, with the password given by the staff when asked.  Along the left side of the wall, where there weren’t seats, there were large wicker baskets filled with organic cookie sandwiches and teas for sale. And in there back was a community driven library with books to check out for a fee or straight book trade for free. Along the right side of the wall was a huge chalkboard listing all the different toppings that can be mixed into the ice cream. Some were conventional, such as chocolate sauce, candy bar chunks, and fruits, and some were very unconventional, like baklava, bacon, bee pollen, and hops. And then some were intangible, like love and magic. I was overwhelmed by just the sheer number of options. I couldn’t even focus to figure out which combination of base ice cream flavor and toppings to order. Oh Yeah! must understand this because next to the ordering station were a stack of blue menus with suggestions of their favorite combinations of ice cream and toppings to be mixed together.

I ended up ordering the peach cobbler ice cream because it was the only ice cream flavor that I wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere– other ice cream options were: vanilla bean, chocolate, mint chip, and birthday cake. I add the ginger snap topping because I thought it could represent the flaky crust in the peach cobbler. Nilla wafers would have been better, but I prefer ginger snaps because I feel there is more personality in the latter. The toppings options were meant to mixed with the ice cream, but Wynee asked for her toppings to be mixed into the waffle batter with a scoop of plain vanilla bean ice cream on top. Both Wayne and Jeff got the Pittsburgh latte, which was mildly sweet and a little bitter. Unfortunately, my peach cobbler with gingersnaps was so sweet that I couldn’t really taste anything when I had a sip of Wayne’s latte. My tastebuds were overwhelmed by the sweetness.

I loved this ice cream shop because it was so fun to visit, with so many decorations to look at and so many different ice cream and topping options to choose. It is easily one of my favorite places in Pittsburgh.


Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee Co.
232 S Highland Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 253-0955

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