Je suis une crème brûlée: Un nouveau commencement

December 29, 2007 § Leave a comment

I think I’ve spent enough time bumbling around in my head, constantly nagging at myself to start a new journal. I’ve finally given in to introducing a part of myself to yet another new journal; a journal that I don’t use just to post bulletins about my arrival home and availability for seeing friends, keep up with my roommate Andrea’s amusing rants about her internal conflict of having to choose between her passion for art and prostituting herself to the corporate world, or cry about the loss of my first love and the deterioration of our relationship and friendship.

So, here’s an introduction of sorts:

The hard caramel:
+ I picked out my American name when I was 4 years old. I still adore my name.
+ I love to draw and paint. My sketchbook is my soul in tangible form.
+ I associate the act of  giving of food with the idea of love.
+ I love ripe apple green, cherry red, and lemon yellow.

The sweet custard:
+ The more insecure I feel, the more confidence I display.
+ When I look at people, I start to see them as pencil lines in my sketchbook, and I plan out how I would draw their features.
+ I believe that ours is not an ideal world and we should help each other as much as possible.

And the vanilla essence:
+ I believe in love.

Hi, I’m Jenny. 21. City of Angels. Proud to have a soul.


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