Final Stretch– watch me stumble, fall, and play dead

November 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

23. I am like a bored computer: left alone for ten minutes and I will hibernate. And like my own computer, I will beep very loudly and sharply if poked during hibernation. I can count the number of sleepless nights I’ve had in my life on one hand– and only then was it because of severe emotional distress. I fall asleep so easily that it’s surprising I’m not narcoleptic. I’ve fallen asleep in a bathroom sink and slept quite soundly until my mom woke me up the next morning, first, angry when she thought her daughter had snuck out during the middle of the night, and, then, confused why her daughter had chosen to fall asleep in a hard, porcelain, tiny bathroom sink when her daughter had a perfectly comfortable bed, designed for sleeping.

24. Maybe it’s because I really adore certain movies, or maybe it’s because I have the attention span of a peanut, but I love watching the same movie over and over and over…and over and over. The movies that I have re-watched so many times that the numbers are in the 50’s are: “Miracle on 34th St”, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, “Wall-e”, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “When Harry Met Sally”, and “Bridget Jones’s Diary”. It is very easily gleaned that these movies are not thought-provoking or incredibly moving; in fact, most of these movies move so little that they would probably drown if thrown into a lake because they barely know how to swim. These movies are the cinematic equivalent to chicken noodle soup…Well, chicken noodle soup eaten by a 5 year old who explodes into a fit of giggles when he is able to fit a piece of noodle up his nose– these movies are comedies. These movies are sweet, funny, and, most of all, reliably comforting in their familiarity.

25. For four years, I lived in the city that was gloriously sprawling and its tentacles of lights in the night-time extended to the ocean. It rains twice a year because the thunderclouds are in a courtship with Seattle and the sun has fallen under the same spell that beguiles and beckons thousands of hopeful actors to the city. The beaches were only minutes away and the farmer’s markets were a foodie’s wet dream. I loved the city because for four years it was home and my roommates were my family. I cried at the thought of leaving and I fought so hard to stay. However, when I moved back to the East Coast, I realized it was the best decision that I ever made because I met my soulmate. He is someone who makes me smile so widely that my cheeks hurt; someone who is gifted with infinite patience and a very good sense of humor; someone who tries so hard to make me happy that his efforts alone make me dizzy with euphoria; someone who understands my idiosyncrasies and embraces them wholeheartedly. Because of him, I don’t care where I live and I gladly gave up the second chance to live in my former home. For him, I would be happily move anywhere as long as we are still able hold hands when we fall asleep at night. He is my everything.


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