La nourriture et pour l’amour de ma famille

February 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

“You should eat more Chinese food. It’s good for you; it’s in your genes– it’s what your body knows. Don’t confuse your body with Italian meatballs all the time.” — My Dad

Three years away at college on the other side of the country and the sunny Socal sun can’t prevent the occurrence of my occasional tinge of separation anxiety from my family. One would think that I would have adjusted by now– that flying back to school by now would be routine and without any tears. Or that I would put up a fight when I stay with my mom in Virginia during summer and winter breaks and away from any and all friends– too far away for old friends to drive–, instead I find so much joy in just spending time watching a movie with my brother, eating out with my mom, or food shopping with my dad while he points out fake designer bags that women are toting. One of the highlights of my winter break was watching “Deal or No Deal” with my dad and brother. However, I don’t believe it to be pathetic; I find it…comforting and reassuring to be so in love with my family.

I cook certain foods purely because they make me think of my parents.
I make maopo doufu, rice porridge with salted duck eggs, or rice balls with peanut filling because I always think of my mom when I eat them.
I bake fish in a foil pouch with honey and onions because it’s my dad’s favorite way of cooking fish.
I adore spicy braised beef noodle soup because my mom and I would go to the noodle restaurant next to my SAT class and we would order two bowls, one spicy and one not, for lunch every Saturday I had class.

It must be hard for my mom to be so far away from her mom.



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I adore my Friday mornings.
I spend the day riding the buses around to and from Downtown visiting the Farmer’s Market, Chinatown, and Little Tokyo while running my errands, occasionally stopping by the Fashion District for something cheap and pretty.
Why complain about the inconvenience of an absent car; the busride adds to the experience of my adored Downtown adventures.

Réflexion de nourriture

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I want to be voted “most likely to fly to another city just for the food”.
Now I just have to make the money to make it all possible.

I spend most of my free time at home looking for recipes.
When I’m not at my computer, I’m usually watching the food network.
I have a weird love for supermarkets…or just food markets in general; I really only want to spend hours going up and down the aisles.

I really wish I could spend the rest of my life baking pies and eating cupcake creations.
And the monkfish kind of scares me.

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