Maybe I should have tried Morse Code

October 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

In my apartment, I’ve been spending time at the dining room table instead of my desk. The table is next to the wall that separates the dining room from Chengyee’s room. And I was bored so I thought it’d be really fun if we were able to communicate by knocking on the shared wall.

Me: If I knock on the wall, will you knock back? [knocks three times]…did you hear that?
Chengyee: Yeah
Me: Knock back! [knocks three times, again]
Chengyee: I ignore people when they try to yell at me from another room…No! I gotta get up and walk over!
Me: …I’m just asking you to knock! [knocks four times]
Chengyee: I’m on the other side of the room fucktard
Me: ….ohhhhhhh….


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