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I swear I don’t have a foot fetish. I just like drawing feet because they are easy exercise and they are convenient in that I’ve never had someone get offended that I drew a few extra wrinkles into the bottoms of their heels or the fleshy part of the skin covering the Achilles’ heel. People get very offended if I draw in their obvious double chin; I learned that the hard way.


I will not be small by Jettgirl
The Kiss by Chasing Twilight
Untitled by worth the wait
Warm Orange by dfg photography


Stretch Before Running

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This is my equivalent of stretching before a run. Before I draw anything more intensive than a pudgy bunny doodle, I sketch brown paper bags.

(Hm, I’ll have to swap out these camera images with better quality ones when I get to a scanner.)

Pudgy Bunnies

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Whenever I doodle, I tend to doodle the same thing: pudgy little bunnies with adorable bulging bellies doing ordinary things. I found some old bunny drawings from 2008 from when I used to doodle on my notes. I am actually so surprised that I had the foresight to scan at least one of my notes to preserve the images of my little pudgy bunnies.

I doodle them so often that sometimes I work them into my signature. It’s kind of like how my mom includes the Chinese characters of her name in her signature, except my signature doesn’t look beautiful and artistic like my mom’s signature with my inclusion of a tubby bunny hanging out next to my last name.

Leroy, Izzie, & Mama Giraffe

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Meet Leroy.

He’s adorably goofy and is still in that awkward phase of his life when he’s all long, bony limbs. He likes playing baseball until it is too dark to find the ball and drinking especially fizzy, bubbly soda that tickles the insides of his mouth.


Meet Izzie.

She’s has a sweet face but has a smart-aleck streak in her personality. It could be thought of as obnoxious but we’ll call it independent thinking. Plus, she has such beautiful eyelashes that seem to extend for miles. She likes bubblegum and David Sedaris’s essays, but she relates more with his sister, Amy.


Meet Mama.

She loves her creative, rambunctious children dearly.

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