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The following was written because I really like lists…and because all my roommates have been sleeping for the majority of the day while I’ve been in my bed for most of the day. No interaction = no memorable quotations.

New Year’s Resolutions:
1. Keep my weight and become more toned. Sexy abs.
2. Call Simon a lot more than I have been since the beginning of the year…which has been none. But, he has a crazy cute little puppy who loves to poop inside the house. So, in a way, it’s like a part of me is with him since he has a cute little animal who is WAY more trouble than she/he is worth. I love you Simon. Seriously. Best friends since the first day of sophomore year in high school when I kicked him in the shins.

Current Obsessions:
1. BURN NOTICE (Spy comedy-drama on USA network)
2. Luna Sunrise Bar in Blueberry Bliss flavor (energy bar for women)
3. Dumplings
4. Lush Cosmetics (Organic, cruelty-free, vegetarian soaps, lotions, and etc)
5. Green tea
6. Dark chocolate-covered  raisins

On Going Obsessions:
1. Trader Joe’s
2. Gym
3. McDonald’s Baked Apple Pie
4. Activia Vanilla Lite Yogurt
5. Fuji Apples
6. Supermarkets, specialty markets, farmers’ markets
7. and

So…I realized a lot of this is food or related to food. Thank goodness I like going to the gym.

Oh wait, here are two quotations from a couple days ago that still make me giggle:

On my wanting to tone my arms:
Chengyee: Don’t you get Madonna arms! I’ll smack you with my wimpy arms!

On my friend’s first impression of me:

M: My first impression of you was so wrong. It cracks me up.
Me: What was it?
M: I thought, “Oh my god. She has pretty eyes. I hate her.” Then I thought “she’s so quiet! she’s one of those girls that all the guys like because she’s so feminine and pretty!”. WOW, I was so wrong. You are not quiet. Not feminine. At least not in personality? Who burps like that?!



January 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

While waiting for the USC tram and watching the rain from inside our apartment building lobby:

Michelle: You know, it’s really just drizzling. Why don’t we walk?
Cheng-yee: Because Jenny doesn’t like rain. She’s like a cat. Let’s stick her in a trashcan and roll her there.
Michelle: She’s a cat?
Me: I was born in the year of the tiger.
Michelle: Oh!
Me: And you’re our little bunny!
Michelle: [smiles and makes two little bunny ears on her head] Yay!


January 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

Naomi’s George: Have you heard of Michael Bublé?
Me: Mike Birbiglia?
George: No, Michael Bublé.
Me: Mike Birbiglia?
George: No, Michael Bublé.
Me: Mike Birbiglia?
George:….Michael Bublé.
Me: …Mike Birbiglia? Are we talking about a comedian?
Naomi: No, he’s this French guy…He does Frank Sinatra covers…
Me: OH!!!! Michael BUBBLE!
George and Naomi: ….[thinking: oh my God, Jenny is SPECIAL]

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