Growing up and taking care of my shoes

June 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

It use to be that I just loved the sound of the word “cobble” and sometimes repeated it a couple times just to hear the delightful thunk of the B’s being a bit too enthusiastic and running into each other while bumping into the L, but now the word has taken on a practical meaning. And I’m not just talking fruit pies—though, that is the second reason why I love the word “cobble” since I adore cobblers, both making and eating, not always in that order. No, this is even more practical and represents my small step further into adulthood.

I’ve found a cobbler! And he takes credit card!

When I lived in LA, I wore flipflops all the time, even during winter, which definitely was cold even by East Coast standards, but at least it didn’t snow. I didn’t really bother with the designer flipflops like Rainbows or Havaianas and just bought Old Navy, because I knew that, regardless of the price and name, I would wear out the flipflops in the same amount of time. At least with Old Navy, I could get several pairs of various colored flipflops for under $10. Most of LA is a grimey, mess—and those parts I still dearly love, of course, but a hot mess is a hot mess—so all the bright, beautiful designs on the flipflops would eventually become grey and then black, with no amount of soap, detergent, or scrubbing able to make the flip flops look new again. The heels I wore back then were thrown away or donated once I had worn them out since the original costs of the heels were much less than the cost of having to re-sole. And I wasn’t a big fan of my heels because most were uncomfortable – I was really bad at picking out shoes back then—so I wasn’t too bothered that I couldn’t extend their lives with me.

A couple days ago, I read an entry by Ahn over at 9to5chic about how she protects and cares for her heels so she can happily wear them over and over for years and years– like the ending of a fairy tale, Disney, not the Grimms’ brothers; that was my shoes’ reality before I read her entry—and how useful and important is a good cobbler. I was inspired! …Which is kind of funny to say since I was basically inspired to be a good adult and take care of my things. I wanted to find a good cobbler and have him put half rubber soles on all my heels and be mindful of replacing the heel tips. I suddenly realized how many pairs of heels I have bought and barely worn because of fear over wearing out the heels and the damages I would do to the sole. And, unlike before, every pair of shoes I’ve bought post-college are been shoes I adore (and are insanely comfortable, especially considering their height).

I found a cobbler, Tailor and Shoe Shoppe. Even though he only has nine reviews, which, unfortunately, is a good amount considering the area, all nine are extremely positive. I dropped off a pair of heels to have half rubber soles put on them and a pair of flats that have to be completely re-soled because I loved them too much. He charges $25 for the half rubber soles and $40 to re-sole. Both are very reasonable rates and are below the competition’s rates for the area. I get both pairs back in five days, and I am very excited and incredibly hopeful. I really hope that I like his craftsmanship and I can stop my search for a good cobbler in this area before my search truly starts. Silly, I know, but I’ve realized that a good tailor and a good cobbler are people to be valued and cherished since both are hard find.

Update on July 7, 2011: I picked up my two pairs of shoes last night and..YAY! I’ve found a great cobbler! He did a superb job on my Tory Burch Reva flats. After replacing the sole and heel and polishing the leather, it’s as if he erased the two years worth of damage I had inflicted on them– and I really didn’t treat them very gently. I don’t think it was a very hard job to put on the half rubber soles so I am mainly just glad that he was willing to do it for a relatively decent price. A part of me wonders if I could get a discount if I bring in a big order for half rubber soles.


The only thing I love more than breakfast

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I love brunch.

It makes me feel so efficient because I feel as if I’m eating two meals at once! And I love the extra food options since brunch contains the best parts of breakfast that are asked to stay a little extra longer and entertain and the surprise!-we-knew-you-couldn’t-wait-til-it-was-actually-time-for-lunch offerings as well.

Maybe the lunch offerings don’t really matter since I always, always, always pick the French toast made from smushed and battered buttery croissants or the crispy, thin crepes hiding warm, oozy Nutella and caramelized banana slices, but at least Wayne can mix up his brunch selections and not get bored.

And that little detail of Wayne not getting bored of brunch is key so that I can keep eating and eating my French toast that was topped with strawberry butter that I thought was ice cream– too bad I was horribly wrong about it not being ice cream– because I can never get bored of eating my favorite things, repeatedly.

It’s my super power. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do anything helpful in terms of trying to save the world.

Tidbits of LA, Iphon’d

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I dislike red-eye flights for the wrong reason

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Things a person should do when flying a red-eye flight:

1. Wear pj pants
2. Bring a big, fuzzy blanket
3. Wear a sleep mask and ear plugs/earphones

Things a person should not do when flying a red-eye flight:

1. Watch three hours of “House” on the plane if one has hypochondriac tendencies and a vivid imagination

A year in ten days

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Our vacation in LA– our ten days of glutton because all we’re really doing is eating, eating, eating– is kind of sort of really exhausting.
We’re trying to cram a year’s worth of LA into ten days.
…Which does sound extraordinarily daunting except that if one thinks about it, if one takes out all the boring Tuesdays mornings and lazy Sunday afternoons and rainy, gloomy days, it could be doable.
We’re only living out the Friday nights and Saturday morning-til-afternoons.
But I think we really need a nap.


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On her dog’s neurotic and slightly pathetic personality

Cheng: She’s like a Greek tragedy. I was going to say that she’s a character from a Greek Tragedy but she’s the whole fucking Greek tragedy.


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The past two years that Wayne and I have visited LA, we always made plans to visit Disneyland. Except, usually the morning of, we become incredibly lazy and decide against the relatively short 40 minute drive to the happiest place on Earth. Then we go back to sleep for a bit before waking up to get brunch on a weekday because I LOVE BRUNCH (and no lines!). But this time, I thought it would be really pathetic for Wayne and I to visit LA for our third time and not go to the happiest place on Earth. I never visited Disneyland when I was at USC because I had odd romantic ideas and fiercely reserved going to Disneyland until I found someone I truly loved to go with me. I wanted the cheesy couple’s picture in front of Cinderella’s castle and I only wanted to take that picture once. Otherwise if I kept parading different guys in front of Cinderella’s castle, the special-ness that I attached with mental Krazy glue on to the idea would be lost.

Before we entered the park, I created a mental scavenger hunt list of all things I wanted to find at Disneyland. Obviously most of the items were food because I care more about food than I do about…anything else.

1. Churro

2. Turkey leg

3. Mickey Mouse chocolate-dipped ice cream on a stick

4. Minnie ears (I LOVE THE SEQUINS!)

5. Couple’s picture in front of Cinderella’s castle (I have literally waited all my life for this picture– I have odd priorities)

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