Coral-red: A love letter

August 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Poppy King for J. Crew,

I could compare you to a summer’s day, but it wouldn’t be quite fair, because, one, I am really disliking a majority of my summer’s days, and, two, an even enjoyable summer’s day cannot keep me company, much less keep me happy, on rainy days and snowy days and overcast, bloated sky days. You will forever be at my fingertips, a constant companion.

I love you for your ability to transform and be extraordinarily comfortable as well. No matter how truly scrubby I look with years’ old shorts, boyfriend’s discarded tshirt, hair unkempt, and no make up except the residual traces from yesterday’s eyeliner, I can’t help but feel gorgeous. Your inimitable shade of coral-red is so flattering. Your bright, poppy mixture of orange and red makes my skin tone seem more fair and even tone while bringing out a natural subtle blush color in my cheeks.  With a swipe, you balance all the colors of my face, and I feel so refreshed and fabulous despite the fact that I look as if I rolled out of the bed, on to the floor, and into some dirt.


Imagine the possibilities when I clean up nicely and swipe you on. Listen, my darling, we could take over the world that way. Confidence is everything, and you are my secret weapon.

Love love,


Available for a limited time (and back-ordered until at least October 10, 2011 online): Poppy King for J. Crew lipstick, $18


Frolicking in Malcolm X Park!

August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wayne and I visited Malcolm X Park (also known as Meridian Park) over the weekend, and I fell in love with the cascading waterfall fountain, multiple staircases, and sloping hills that are perfect for lounging. The park is clean but a bit run down with the plants overgrowing but, to me, all those elements just adds character and charm, especially the overgrown plants because they reminded me of a jungle.

Our original plan was to picnic there but we woke up late and were ill-prepared since we didn’t have a basket, blanket, or food; several items pretty important for picnicking, though they are unimportant for make-pretend picniking. But we still visited and strolled around the entire park. I’m hoping that Wayne and I will be able to picnic there a few times before fall.

Update, kind of

August 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

When Wayne went up to New Hampshire for business a couple weeks ago, I honestly thought I would be writing lots of entries, one after right after the other, because when left alone, all I have are my thoughts. And they are quite loud and verbose– that isn’t to say that they are intelligent or meaningful or interesting, but those verbs aren’t really requirements for my entries anyway– and demand attention from me. Usually, they’re all like little Jeffs from “Coupling”. Ridiculous and hard to ignore.

But then I discovered “Modern Family”*, and my thoughts and I were completely enamored with Cameron, Mitchell, and Lily** and the rest of the family. And we were quiet.

So, an update of sorts:
1. I’ve accidentally been gifted Wayne’s nook. I’m not sure how to feel. I feel like I’ve joined the dark side. I’m wondering if this is how Anakin felt. Or if he was a bit more torn up? I’m not trying to belittle his transformation; it’s just that big of a deal for me to have an e-reader. I’m actually reading more (real, paper-flipping books) as a way to compensate for having a nook, in addition to reading on the nook. Meanwhile, my inner Captain Jean-Luc Picard is offering me earl grey tea and trying to convince me that I really should give Dickens a try while I’m a little frustrated and telling him, “Can’t I just drink some green tea and read Murakami, and we call it a day? I’m exhausted from my internal war”.

2. Honestly, my receiving a nook is my biggest news in the past month. Oh! And the fact that I didn’t kill my brother’s hamster while he was in my care when my parents and brother went to China. Sadly, that is a big accomplishment for me. His name is…Well, he has a whole bunch of names because no one really agreed with my brother’s choice for a name for the hamster, which is “Him”, so we all gave him a name. Wayne and I call him, “Hammy”. My mom calls him, “The little tiny one”. And my dad hasn’t named the hamster because he is too busy telling us he doesn’t like animals while spoiling the hamster by giving him globs of honey with a chopstick.

* I know I’m super late to the game with this, but I have a rule that I can’t watch any show that I have any interest in until it’s done the first season, a second season has been ordered, and there are no rumors of cancellation. I can’t deal with any more heartache after the cancellations of Firefly, Dollhouse, and Pushing Daisies.
** Seriously, Lily is the most adorable, well-mannered little girl in the world on the show. It makes me not want to have kids because I know my little girl will be no where as sweet or well-behaved. I know this because I am an ass. And the apple probably won’t fall far from the tree***.
*** What is with me and all these silly cliche sayings today?

Sex and Ramen

August 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

On my choices during a guessing game:

Jeff*: Guess what I did sunday night?
Jenny: …Ermmm…Had sex?…Ate ramen?…Ate ramen while having sex?
Jeff: Haha I did not have sex.
Jenny: I wonder if that says something about me…reaching in the dark, the two things I come up with are sex and ramen.

*This Jeff is not Honey Bear’s Jeff. There are so many Jeffs.

Modern Family Addiction

August 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wayne’s been out of town for business.

What I planned to do: read my growing collection of books — my biggest vice are used books on for less than $3.00; yes, I know that the shipping costs more than the book, but, for some reason, the knowledge of that makes me even more giddy–, do some work in my sketchbook, eat healthy and vegetarian foods– just because I caaaaaaaaaannnn.

What has actually happened: I’m watching seasons 1 and 2 of “Modern Family”. I’m so addicted that I’ll wake up an additional 21 minutes early just to watch an episode before having to get ready for work. BUT! I am eating healthfully and vegetarian, so….one goal accomplished!


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