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July 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

The last time I wrote an “About Me” was about three years ago. Despite the fact that this entire blog is one gigantic “About Me” and the fact that everything that I wrote three years ago is still true– except for the sad fact that I no longer live in LA, but I guess it was a good trade-off considering I gave up my city for love and close proximity to my mom–, I decided to write an updated one:

My name is Jenny.

I picked the name when I was four years old. It is the one of the few things that my four year old self and I still agree upon. We no longer agree that chocolate chip cookies are the best desserts in the whole wide world (little girlfriend has not tasted a tiramisu).

I live in the suburbs of the nation’s capital with my boyfriend who unknowingly signed on to play the straight man to all my comedic antics on our first date. He just thought I was this pretty, happy, sweet girl who likes dogs and chocolate. He wasn’t wrong, but he completely underestimated my personality, which is why most of our ridiculous arguments– that I accidentally start– end with:

Me: Dude, you totally knew what you were getting yourself into when we started dating.
Him [confused why half the argument consisted of my angrily saying, “meow meow meow”]: …No, I really didn’t.

He is half Taiwanese, half Nike Jordan with a passion for golf and electronics, specifically phones.

I love him with all my heart. And so does my family, especially my Mom. I am not sure who would more devastated if he and I ever broke up.

I like to write about my daily life with terms that usually describe food (I have no idea how true this actually is), give personalities to inanimate objects, and talk about how much I love my mom.

Some additional notes about me:

I adore bright colors so much that a part of me wonders if I were color blind in a past life.

My dream car is a sky blue Mini Cooper that I can decorate with green decals to resemble grass, brightly colored flower decals, and a goofy looking sun decal. I am completely apathetic about the performance of the car.

I love, love, LOVE used, incredibly cheap books. And I adore my 1cent Kitchen Confidential — granted, shipping was $3.99.

I believe in the Oxford comma.

I don’t take myself seriously, rarely get offended, and sometimes have a sardonic sense of humor. If I ever make fun of you, I’ll make fun of myself twice as much so you won’t feel alone.


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