December 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m sick.

Well, is it really sick when the sickness is caused from the heater being on too high of a setting and effectively drying out my sinuses? Because I have all the symptoms. The sore throat (okay, fine, it’s mild sore throat; three-quarters of the time I forget that it’s even there, but OH GOD, that one quarter when I realize that my throat is sore? The AGONY)… The sneezing… The runny nose… The stuffy nose– but only one nostril at a time, anyone know why they decide that they must take turns? Yes, I complain about having only one nostril stuffed at a time because the UNEVEN-NESS bothers me oh so much more.

I so rarely get sick that when I do get sick, I act like a baby. It doesn’t help that I just remembered– now that I do live at home– that being home and sick is awesome because my mom babys me like a kid sick home from school, with all the perks.

Unfortunately, because I so rarely get sick, I forgot to tell my boyfriend something horribly important: when I get sick, I become the most physically clingy person in the world. Ideally, I’d like my arms, legs, entire body, really, all wrapped around him while he goes on with life and I sleep soundly. This has not changed since I was a baby and accidentally sent my mom to the hospital with a heart condition because I needed to be held at all times.

I am a horrible person.

Oh god, and water tastes horrible. Oh, it could also be the pineapple aftertaste, which mixed with water, is horrible.

And I ate too much.




December 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’ve recently become obsessed with watching Top Gear. It doesn’t make any sense to anyone who knows me. The only thing I really care about when it comes to my future car is whether it comes in a screamingly bright sunshine-y yellow. And that it comes with a heater.

So, I’ve convinced myself that the conversation that persuaded me to watch Top Gear went something like this:

Wayne: You know that British car show I watch? Top Gear?
Me: Hmm?
Wayne: They used to have a dog on the show that they would take on the car challenges. One time, he puked.
Me: OMG, could we watch it?

The puking dog was anti-climatic, but the presenters on the show are hilarious– I usually have to pause any of their episodes several times so that I may laugh for five minutes straight while my worried boyfriend hurriedly tells me to ‘BREATHEEEE.”

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