Quelquefois, je vive avec mon ventre

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Some women are obsessed with handbags; some women are obsessed with shoes; I am obsessed with bakeware. These are some things that I might or might not use often but I desperately feel the need to have, especially all the miniature ones since it does help with portion control in addition to looking so adorable (!). I am omitting the obvious tools, which I actually do need, such as measuring tools, rolling pin, silicone spatula, cooling rack, mixing bowls, electric mixer…:

  • Cast iron pan (watch me barely be able to lift it)
  • Round cake pan
  • Muffin pan
  • Mini muffin pan
  • Jelly roll pan/ sheet pan
  • Rectangular baking pan (metal and glass)
  • Ramekins (and torch)
  • Madeline pan (regular or mini…or both, probably both)
  • Springform pan (minis?)
  • Mini cheesecake pan
  • Pie pan
  • Loaf pan (regular and mini)
  • Tart pan
  • Tartlette pans (mini tarts!)
  • Bundt pan (…and minis)
  • Custard cups
  • Cake decorating set
  • Pastry brush
  • Fluted pastry wheel
  • Pastry ring (or biscuit cutters)
  • Baking stone (?)
  • Cookie cutters
  • Circus Animals cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma.

This is my equivalent to a closet full of shoes. I am positive that if I were to ever live by myself in an apartment, the kitchen would be the only furnished room in the house.


Parfois adorable est vraiment simplement étrange avec un sourire doux: Non sequitur musings

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I honestly think that whenever I speak, some of my coworkers see me as this little girl from “Horton Hears a Who”:

This was one of my conversations from yesterday:
Me: “I named my kiwi ‘Peter’!”
Coworker: “…That one over there?”
Me: “Yes!”
Coworker:”…You gonna get him some clothes…?”
Me: “I was thinking of a blanket for him instead.”

My favorite female role models, minus my mom, are: Elizabeth Bennett (from Pride and Prejudice), Audrey Hepburn, and Kathy Griffin.

I made a short list of things that I’m not really afraid of but they do give me the heebie-jeebies:
1. wigs
2. the roots that sprout from potatoes and onions if they are left in a dark corner for a couple days (this will actually make me scream, jump, and fall over)
3. the paper shredder at work
4. heavy pieces of paper
5. the monkfish

I would explain them but my explainations would either make my dislikes seem more odd or actually somewhat justifiably normal– I’m not sure which one is worse because I like my little idiosyncrasies.


June 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

I accidentally have a kiwifruit as a pet at my cubicle at work.

My dad gave me a kiwifruit to eat along with my lunch. It was hard and not just yet ripe enough so I left it in the middle of my desk and waited. Three days have past, and the kiwifruit is becoming more ripe.

However, I mused and impulsively named the kiwifruit, “Peter”. Now I don’t think I can bear to eat it.

Peter keeps me silent company.

I become attached to things easily. Boredom helps.

J’étais amusé

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My dad and I were driving to work in the morning, and as we were driving through an intersection, a man sped through his red light and just barely missed us. My dad was busy lecturing me on how to study for my classes in the fall while I was listening to music so he was driving slowly across the intersection and he only realized what could possibly happen just a couple seconds beforehand. The man who decided not follow certain driving laws of stopping for solid red lights had this look of horror and shock and barely recovered enough to swerve to the right.

Time did seem to slow a little, at least in retrospect but that really is just my whims, but my memories of my life did not flash before my life nor did the faces of the people I love. Instead, my inner Lewis Black came mentally roaring out as if his etheral self half floated out of my body just to scream and rant with his characteristic anger spasms and spit and trembling hands of inability to comprehend human stupidity: “Seriously? Honestly, it’s a red light…at a busy intersection…where the fuck were you when you thought you could beat the yellow light?! 100 meters away?!…how stupid do you have to be to have the audacity to be that shocked? that horrified?! at the reality of hitting a car when you’re running a red light. That fucking red light was fucking red for at least 20 seconds dumbfuck!…You’re 65 years old! Even if you had a wife in labor you don’t need to rush– she’ll be in labor for at least 10 fucking hours and she’ll want to kill you because she’ll just be thinking that it’s all because of you that she’s in pain– why fucking rush!?

So, that’ll be me when I die: too preoccupied by my disbelief at human stupidity to pay attention to the obligatory slideshow of my life.

Sounds about right.

Livres, livres, livres!: Les devez-lire

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Not Author Specific
(and in no particular order):
A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius
A Man without a Country
The Beautiful Miscellaneous
Beloved (?)
The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
China, Inc
Eats, Shoots, and Leaves
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
The Fortune Cookie Chronicles
Girl with the Pearl Earring (?)
History of Love
Life of Pi
Love in the Time of Cholera
Middlesex (?)
Midnight’s Children
The Namesake: A Novel
The Remains of the Day
Sex, Drugs, and Coco Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto
Slaughterhouse-Five (?)
Suite Française (?)
Tales of the Jazz Age
The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century
This Book Will Save Your Life
The Time Traveler’s Wife
Tipping Point
The Unbearable Likeness of Being
Water for Elephants
What We Talk About When We Talk About Love: Stories

Authors’ Works to Read:
Augusten Burroughs
Nick Hornby
Kazuo Ishiguro
Haruki Murakami
David Sedaris
Zadie Smith

Parce que je voudrais être un Type A quoique je pense que je suis un Type B

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It seems that this year is my year of change.

My New Year Resolutions:

1. Stop being so damn lazy and start exercising.
2. Call Simon back.
3. Work in my sketchbook.

Update on their progress:

1. From January to mid-February, I went to the gym sporadically, averaging 2 times a week. From the beginning of March until May 15, 2008 (the day before I had to leave for the East Coast– I say East Coast because I’m always in New York, Maryland, and Virginia on a weekly basis) I went to the gym nearly every day, only reducing it down to every other day during dead days and finals week. Now, with my job and all the commuting, I’m only able to run around my neighborhood every weekend.

2. Simon’s happier…and very pleasantly surprised. I think he’s over the shock of my keeping my promises of actually calling him back. Not bad considering I hadn’t for the first …5 years of our awesome best friendship.

3. Sketchbook is experiencing growing pains. Must buy modgepodge and duct tape to keep it intact. Oh, and alphabet rubber stamps.

Now, since the year isn’t over yet, a couple mid-year summer resolutions:

4. Give up chocolate. Sweets are my greatest vice, and chocolate is the largest subcategory within that vice. So, I’m going to give it up for the rest of the year, and maybe I will reconsider slowly implementing it back in to my life in small, small doses in 2009. Eventually I want to cut back entirely on sugar. Though, I still love baking, and I want to perfect my crème brûlée. [Edit: I decided this morning to completely cut out refined sugars and pastries from my regular diet and switching to only eating natural sugars from fruits only with the occasional honey usage. I only want to see if I can handle this for the rest of the summer. Then I’ll slowly implement it back into my diet in the fall. I know it’s all about moderation but I do not even comprehend the word, let alone the concept, when it comes to my ridiculous sweet tooth. I’d rather not become diabetic before 25.]

5. Read all the books written by Nick Hornby, Haruki Murakami, and Zadie Smith.

6. Learn yoga and at least train for a half-marathon. Though I still have hopes for running a full marathon by the time the LA marathon comes around in late February-early March.

And my to-do list for the very near future:

7. Bake a chocolate chip pie for Simon this weekend for his 21st.

8. Re-connect and have a sleepover with Emmy and late-night Waffle House excursion.

9. Tone my waist.

10. Re-read and re-watch Pride and Prejudice. Movie-wise, I want to watch the really long A&E version and the recent 2006 version– so pretty!


Mon raison pourquoi je suis qui ce je suis

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I have lived my life by my pencil and experienced life through my drawings. My friends who are photographers have the ability to view the world in black and white like their photographs, and my friends who are in theater view the world as a stage and constantly break out in song or monologues. I view the world as a series of drawings all telling a never-ending story that begins with a single line.

When I was five, I ran into walls, accidentally broke seven mirrors, and received scrapes and bruises from chasing down boys on the playground because they made my friends cry. My mother could easily transform me into her perfect little angel by handing me a pencil and some pieces of paper. I would sit quietly for hours and happily draw my little girls with to many fingers and no noses– I thought noses were ugly. But as I grew older, I never had any aspirations to be an artist or cartoonist; I just considered drawing my identity.

There was a time in my life when I tried to dismiss drawing as a passing hobby, but I would always end up returning to my pencil and paper whenever I needed an outlet for my emotions. For me, my fail-safe emergency mechanism was: fight, flight, or draw. I let a couple of strokes of graphite or ink speak for me when I lacked the knowledge of what words to say.

Drawing is my second language.

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