Ruffles and shiny buttons

February 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

In the days leading up to my trip to NYC, I was really excited to visit all the vintage and consignment shops I had found on Yelp. There aren’t very many vintage or consignment options in DC, and the options that are here have a small, uncreative collection of overpriced goods. I love shopping in vintage and consignment shops because the inventory of each store is completely unique and ever changing. It requires time to do a lot of digging, but I feel like that extra effort makes finding a great piece so much more satisfying. I love my black tweed skirt with metallic strands interlaced to give it a wonderful sparkle when I walk. I think of it as treasure hunting, and I’m making up the map as I go along. I had no clue what it was I was searching for, but I was looking for something feminine and pretty. Since being teased with sunny days and warm breezes the previous week, I was done with winter– I had mildly tolerated winter during December and January, but I was really starting believe that winter had overstayed its welcome and it was starting do its extra laundry in my dishwasher–and was craving nondescript lovely, super feminine pieces of clothing for spring. Maybe I’m just using spring as an excuse to treasure hunt since I have always loved overtly feminine pieces created with either lace, satin, silk and covered in bows, ruffles, polka dots. I especially love when there is sometimes a little shimmer, glitter, sparkle– obviously, I haven’t really grown out of my fashion tastes from when I was in kindergarten and obsessed with glitter. I think this time around, I just happened to be lucky that my fashion loves align what is in season.

I wasn’t able to find that many pieces in all the thrift, vintage, and consignment stops that I visited. In fact, I only found one silk top, but it is lovely with its ruffles and shiny buttons.


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