Beautiful & Cheap & Uniqlo

February 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

It kind of felt like Sunday was just all about the blessings in disguise, or maybe I’m just really good at looking on the bright side. When Wayne and I finally came home and I started putting away the spring pieces I bought, I realized that I had left the belt I purchased from Uniqlo at the hotel in NYC. It was actually my favorite purchase all weekend just because it reminded me of the belt one of my favorite bloggers, 9to5Chic, wears from time to time:

Her specific blog entry for this outfit can be found here: here

I especially loved the light brown color and the thick, contrasting color stitching of her Miu Miu belt, but I didn’t like the high price for a Miu Miu piece or the fact that since her belt is six years old, I wouldn’t have a chance to find it unless I happened upon it at a vintage or consignment store. I felt so lucky when I found the belt from Uniqlo because it was similar in the light brown color and the thick, detail stitching. However, the Uniqlo belt had a rounded, brass-colored buckle, which I preferred to her square buckle since I feel the rounded buckle adds some more femininity, in addition to the detail stitching. However, Uniqlo does offer this belt with a square buckle as well.

I bought the brown belt on the bottom

I was a little annoyed — Wayne will probably say otherwise since I ran around our apartment “rawr”-ing like a demented lioness with hand motions that would remind people of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video– that I forgot the Uniqlo belt in our hotel room and that I wouldn’t be going back to NYC for at least a month and Uniqlo doesn’t offer online shopping. BUT! But! A huge, grateful, baby got back and then some but! I found out that even though Uniqlo doesn’t offer online shopping, they do take phone orders! I gave the customer representative the product code, my size, and my credit card information, and, within 7-10 days, the belt will be delivered.  Uniqlo offers UPS ground shipping for seven dollars and two-day shipping for seventeen dollars. I’m not sure if it’s a flat rate or not, but I’m assuming not.

I kind of feel like I paid an additional $24.90 (what can I say? It’s a beautiful, cheap belt, and I love it to death) just for the information that I can make phone orders to Uniqlo since I wouldn’t have done the digging to discover that Uniqlo offers phone ordering without losing my beautiful, cheap, Miu Miu-reminiscent belt that I will now name, “Daisy”. I can’t wait to use this information in the future when I find something on the website and I can’t make the trek to NYC.

Update: I placed my order on Sunday, but it didn’t process until the next business day, Monday. I received the belt today (Wednesday)! So, since I live in Washington DC, I got two day shipping but without having to pay the additional ten dollars! Yay!


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