Sex and Ramen

August 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

On my choices during a guessing game:

Jeff*: Guess what I did sunday night?
Jenny: …Ermmm…Had sex?…Ate ramen?…Ate ramen while having sex?
Jeff: Haha I did not have sex.
Jenny: I wonder if that says something about me…reaching in the dark, the two things I come up with are sex and ramen.

*This Jeff is not Honey Bear’s Jeff. There are so many Jeffs.


Modern Family Addiction

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Wayne’s been out of town for business.

What I planned to do: read my growing collection of books — my biggest vice are used books on for less than $3.00; yes, I know that the shipping costs more than the book, but, for some reason, the knowledge of that makes me even more giddy–, do some work in my sketchbook, eat healthy and vegetarian foods– just because I caaaaaaaaaannnn.

What has actually happened: I’m watching seasons 1 and 2 of “Modern Family”. I’m so addicted that I’ll wake up an additional 21 minutes early just to watch an episode before having to get ready for work. BUT! I am eating healthfully and vegetarian, so….one goal accomplished!



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On borrowing a paper clip:
Jenny: Do you have a paperclip I could borrow and not give back to you this lifetime but possibly the next lifetime if we meet and the roles for this scenario are reversed?
Friend:…You mean, a paperclip you can keep?
Jenny: Yes.

Photo Diary: Heat Wave Cravings

July 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

The heat wave was almost unbearable last weekend with its triple digit heat. It also ruined Wayne and my weekend plans to try something new and go hiking. Instead, we spent the entire weekend trying new-to-us places to eat. So instead of trying something new and being super active, we tried something new and were super gluttonous. Same thing, right?

To be honest, my goal last weekend was to drink sangria and lay out in the sun sprawled out like a starfish. It was too humid for me to lay outside, but at least I got my sangria.

We also tried out a pizza place, Pupatella, that was touted on yelp for creating authentic Neapolitan pizzas. Their simple margherita pizza was so delicious and way better in quality than what I was expecting for dinner that night since my only prerequisite for dinner was a place that I could eat the meal with my hands– apparently the heat wave causes me to be a sangria-drinking toddler. However, I retained enough of my sanity to want to go back and try their other pizzas. I think it’s our new favorite pizza place, especially when we arrive between the rush of traffic of hungry pizza-eaters.

After hearing our friends talk about Toki Underground, we really wanted to try it since we’ve been on a ramen kick and the place is the only place we know of in the DC area that sells Taiwan beer, a true novelty for my beer-lovin’ Taiwanese boyfriend. It was hard to find– and we ended up walking past it a couple times–, because the only sign signaling that it was Toki Underground was a blue symbol on the door. And it was on the second floor of the building, not underground.

The ramen broth and noodles were good. Though the pork was really tough and chewy and bothersome to eat. And I took out the red ginger slices. I didn’t compare it to Daikokuya; it was pointless to compare since they have different flavors and interpretations of the pork bone ramen, especially since this place is Taiwanese. I thought it was hilarious that the soup spoon was a ladle. I prefer the tonkotsu ramen at Satsuma but I think we’ll definitely return to Toki Underground because they sell Taiwan beer and the ramen was pretty good.

Contemplation of e-readers: Interlude in a jellyfish dance

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Wayne’s been bitten by the tablet bug. It’s a bit delayed. He fought them (let’s pretend there were little gnat-sized tablets with wings flying around him) off for a while, having decided that his iPhone and macbook were sufficient and that the hybrid of sorts wasn’t all that necessary. Yet. He waited out the early adopters and first devices, but now he wants one.

Which is why I ended up spending my Friday night prancing around Staples– there was a promotion that offered $100 off all tablets. As he contemplated the pros and cons of the various tablets on display, I performed jetés that could never rival the dancing hippos of Fantasia— though they could have potentially rivaled the jetés of the rejected dancing hippos who auditioned just for kicks– and balancing on one tip toe while spreading out my arms and legs to curl and then straighten and repeat in an effort to be a veteran jellyfish who, despite losing many legs, still had the heart to wiggle and jiggle with the store music playing in the background.  Apparently, not being able to find my favorite Pilot G2 ultra fine pens (0.38mm makes 0.5mm look all fat and blotty) causes me to dance as a jellyfish as both a sign of discontentment and a way to amuse myself since those pens are the only interest I have in Staples.

Until I saw the Kindle and the Nook. I took a momentary break from being a jellyfish to play around with the buttons of the Kindle and the swiping abilities of the Nook. I practiced holding both thin, light, small e-readers in my hand while attempting to lounge at the same time, a difficult feat when the e-reader is tethered to the station with little give. I appreciated the portability and convenience of each e-reader and, for few minutes, mused about purchasing one. I imagined keeping it with me at all times since either fit nicely in all my bags. I toyed with the idea of not worrying about ruining the covers and pages of new books with my manhandling and travel. I pretended that I was Captain Picard seated at his desk reading Moby Dick or whatever else that “Tea, Earl Grey, hot”-guzzling, bald, Borg-bustin’ favorite Star Trek captain of mine enjoyed reading for leisure*. But then, after the moment of consideration ended, I missed my books. Holding, bending, flipping the pages. Gently rubbing a page between my fingers and enjoying the feel of the texture. Running my fingers over the printed words and delighting in the feel of the dry ink. Seeing the pale tan color of the pages. And for some books, being completely enchanted by the unevenness of the edges of the pages and the way they were cut; some cleanly, some roughly. And the weight. I missed the weight. The heaviness. For some reason, the heaviness represents a tangible invitation for an experience, an adventure, like a boarding ticket. It makes me excited for the trip in a way an electronic ticket just cannot.



* Can I point out that I love the fact that Honey Bear** and I have had conversations where she proclaims how much she HATES scifi, while I proclaim my undying love in the next line? Aw, opposites attract! Except in the case of Madewell, because then we are perfectly aligned. Because Madewell is love.

**Dear Wynee, names I call you when you’re not around: Honey Bear.


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After walking home from work in triple digit heat (Fahrenheit), I was surprised with a lovely box wrapped with a satin bow…

So…What crazy hot heat wave, East Coast? BECAUSE IT’S CHRISTMAS RIGHT NOW IN THIS APARTMENT! I’ll rip up pieces of white paper, toss them in the air, and make pretend-snow! And maybe rip up some other colored paper to make rainbow pretend-snow (…cuz if you’re going to make pretend-snow, why settle on just white?).

Wayne gave them to me as an anniversary present, but Michel’s Patisserie was back-ordered so Wayne was only able to pick them up today.

Thank you, Michel, for reminding me that all other macaron makers in the DC area don’t have a clue with what they’re doing.

For my review on macarons from Michel’s Patisserie: click here
For additional photos of macarons from Michel’s Patisserie: click here

Ten things Wayne does to make me happy

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1. The way you take care of me by minding the small details I don’t pay attention to… like always charging my Iphone…or doing the laundry. Clean underwear is important…I just used to buy new ones to put off doing laundry…
2. The fact that you always eat everything I make for you and are so grateful…even when I mess up the dish and it looks nothing like the pretty pictures on Tastespotting
3. The personalities you give to inanimate objects and the curiously large number of stuffed animals that we have
4. You will hold conversations with me even though my side of the conversation consists of meowing, rawr-ing, and whines, and you completely understand my responses
5. You know that when I ask you if you love me, it means I’m gauging your willingness to go with me to Pitango so I can get my gelato fix.
6. You and your fashion sense like to go shopping with me — I don’t need to go shopping with a girlfriend!
7. The fact that you collect the movie stubs of every movie we see, even the ones we saw before we started dating
8. Your willingness to watch Korean dramas with me
9. You always let me have last bite/sip
10. You know to buy me a box of macarons to make me feel special and to take me to Trader Joe’s when I’m grumpy

Happy two years, Wayne!