Coral-red: A love letter

August 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Poppy King for J. Crew,

I could compare you to a summer’s day, but it wouldn’t be quite fair, because, one, I am really disliking a majority of my summer’s days, and, two, an even enjoyable summer’s day cannot keep me company, much less keep me happy, on rainy days and snowy days and overcast, bloated sky days. You will forever be at my fingertips, a constant companion.

I love you for your ability to transform and be extraordinarily comfortable as well. No matter how truly scrubby I look with years’ old shorts, boyfriend’s discarded tshirt, hair unkempt, and no make up except the residual traces from yesterday’s eyeliner, I can’t help but feel gorgeous. Your inimitable shade of coral-red is so flattering. Your bright, poppy mixture of orange and red makes my skin tone seem more fair and even tone while bringing out a natural subtle blush color in my cheeks.  With a swipe, you balance all the colors of my face, and I feel so refreshed and fabulous despite the fact that I look as if I rolled out of the bed, on to the floor, and into some dirt.


Imagine the possibilities when I clean up nicely and swipe you on. Listen, my darling, we could take over the world that way. Confidence is everything, and you are my secret weapon.

Love love,


Available for a limited time (and back-ordered until at least October 10, 2011 online): Poppy King for J. Crew lipstick, $18


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