Ten things Wayne does to make me happy

July 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

1. The way you take care of me by minding the small details I don’t pay attention to… like always charging my Iphone…or doing the laundry. Clean underwear is important…I just used to buy new ones to put off doing laundry…
2. The fact that you always eat everything I make for you and are so grateful…even when I mess up the dish and it looks nothing like the pretty pictures on Tastespotting
3. The personalities you give to inanimate objects and the curiously large number of stuffed animals that we have
4. You will hold conversations with me even though my side of the conversation consists of meowing, rawr-ing, and whines, and you completely understand my responses
5. You know that when I ask you if you love me, it means I’m gauging your willingness to go with me to Pitango so I can get my gelato fix.
6. You and your fashion sense like to go shopping with me — I don’t need to go shopping with a girlfriend!
7. The fact that you collect the movie stubs of every movie we see, even the ones we saw before we started dating
8. Your willingness to watch Korean dramas with me
9. You always let me have last bite/sip
10. You know to buy me a box of macarons to make me feel special and to take me to Trader Joe’s when I’m grumpy

Happy two years, Wayne!


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