Midnight Snack

July 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

Usually I fall asleep at around 10:26 PM. Sometimes earlier, sometimes just a bit later, but usually I’m so predictable that Wayne could set his watches by when I nod off. My yawns become louder and more frequent until suddenly they stop. For some reason though, I have the tiniest bout of insomnia tonight and have actually managed to stay up past midnight! Not going to lie, I’m kind of impressed with myself. In fact, I thought I would celebrate with a midnight snack.

I have been seriously craving fudgey, moist brownies for the past week. I thought tonight would be the perfect time bake a box of brownie mix and pair it with a scoop of slowly melting vanilla bean ice cream because staying up past midnight always makes me a little Proustian for specifically that combination, right down to the fact that it has to be a box of brownie mix. Back in high school and during breaks from college, Naomi and I would frequently have sleepovers, and we would watch movies while we impatiently waited for the brownies to bake. Then we would eagerly cut crumbly squares of steaming hot brownies because we couldn’t wait for the brownies to cool and settle. I loved the pool of the black-speckled, cream-colored melted vanilla ice cream that would surround my thick, dense square of brownie and then seeing the brownie crumbs get carried away as my plate gently tipped to different sides as I held it in my hand.


§ 2 Responses to Midnight Snack

  • mel says:

    This post is cruel dudette. I am so tempted to jump in my car and go on a brownie run right this second. And maybe a candy bar and gummy snack run…you know, if I’m already there.

  • origamidumpling says:

    Haha I like your reasoning. It’s usually how I walk out with the ingredients for s’mores and a bag of Swedish fish when I run to the grocery store for vegetables and fruits. They kind of cancel each other out, right?

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