Photo Diary: 4th of July Weekend

July 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Wayne and I went on a family roadtrip with his parents and his sister (Mika the kitty held down the fort and protected the house from groundhog invaders and any birdie air strikes) through New York. Originally we were going to do some national state park hopping and finish off the trip with some manic outlet shopping at Woodbury Commons. Things didn’t go quite as planned, but I think it was more fun. We ended up only visiting one park, Seven Lakes, because when we arrived in the random area of Poughkeepsie to check into our hotel, we discovered that there was a lot of great history and interesting sites that we wanted to see in the area. Wayne’s dad had picked a hotel in Poughkeepsie since it was only minutes away from one of the state parks we were planning on visiting, but, once we got to the hotel, we ended up skipping the state park and visiting Samuel F. B. Morse’s and FDR’s seasonal homes instead. Awe-SOME!

We also didn’t really have the manic Woodbury shopping experience, either. I was turned off by the huge crowds, the lines to get into stores, the bad selection, and the rain.  But it was all good for my credit cards. So…inadvertently awe-SOME!

Seven Lakes was actually quite crowded with people in bathing suits while having cookouts, but we managed to find a serene spot.

Our hotel was actually next door to Samuel F. B. Morse’s summer home. We checked in our hotel and walked over before dusk so we got a great view of of the sunset over the Hudson river from his backyard.

Visiting FDR’s home was actually the most exciting part, despite the fact that it rained nearly the entire we were there. Wayne’s mom took this picture of us with the statues of FDR and Eleanor during the few minutes that it was not raining.


 Route 1 in New Jersey

I loved that we managed to accidentally catch TWO fireworks shows, one on each night. We had a great view of the Poughkeepsie fireworks show from the outside of our hotel, while the second fireworks show was in New Jersey on the way home on Route 1 where so many cars either slowed down or either parked alongside the bridge with their hazard lights on.

Wayne and I drove back Virginia on the 4th of July and stopped by Baltimore to drop off Christina. But before we dropped her off, we walked around Fells Point a little.

I finally got to eat at Bertha’s Mussels after seeing the bumper stickers on everyone’s sketchbooks during high school. I think it is worth its numerous bumper stickers’ commands to “EAT BERTHA’S MUSSELS”. I would love to go back!

We finished off lunch with a stop at Pitango for gelato. I got the hazelnut chocolate and raspberry. The flavors were so vibrant and tasted so real– Wayne’s lychee tasted as if I was eating a real lychee! I loved that the gelato was so so smooth and creamy. I could definitely taste the difference between this gelato and ice cream. I can honestly say that it’s the best gelato I’ve ever had, and I am SO HAPPY there are FOUR (!!!) locations in the DC area .

After we came home and took a nap, Wayne woke me up to ask if I wanted McDonald’s for dinner. I was confused because we rarely eat at McDonald’s until he told me that our friend, Albert, pointed out that McDonald’s is the most iconic American food. In pop culture, nothing quite says AMERICA like McDonald’s. Bravo McDonald’s marketing! Bravo!


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