Letters to Summer and Friends

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Spring,

Where did you run away in such a hurried rush? We were just starting to like each other– let’s not talk about the allergy business– and you were finally starting to get all sorted out, and suddenly, suddenly you’re gone? You left so quickly that some of your things are still here. What am I suppose to do with your dirty socks? And toothpaste?

Dear Summer,

Wow, you do not have the soul-searching issues that Spring had with trying to find herself, now do you? You are self-confident and hot, almost suffocatingly so, and you’re not worried if there are people who can’t handle your personality. I would applaud you, but I am melting.

Dear Humidity,

For the record, I haven’t gone swimming in years, and when I do go to the beach, I only lie down next the water; I don’t go in to it. But, now, the second I walk out an air conditioned building, I feel as if I’m walking into an ocean of heated water. I am stuck in a daze, drifting maybe, but, at the same time, stuck inside like pieces of pineapple in green jell-o. Oh my darling, I know you’re bootylicious, but I just can’t handle your jelly.

Dear Popsicles,

We are going to be the bestest of friends. I just know it. You are oh so sweet and refreshing.

Love from an air-conditioned room, Jenny


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