Peking Duck at China Wok

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love China Wok.

For the record, this restaurant shouldn’t exist. I love this restaurant so much, and I am in complete shock that this restaurant exists in my little corporate town. My little corporate town is a blackhole for good food. Sure, there’s a Maggianos and a Morton’s, but before Wayne and I found this place, the only Chinese option was Panda Express, or PF Chang’s if we felt like paying more for the same Americanized Chinese food offered at Panda Express. I call my no-name of a town “corporate” because surrounding my little suburban cluster of apartment and condo complexes are mountains of tall buildings with big names. The supermarket was built only three years ago, and it’s half the size of a regular one. My little corporate town does not even exist on map by the name that the town it calls itself. But then again, we call our little corporate town after our mall, so maybe that should say something. We have three Louis Vuittons within walking distance of each other but we don’t have a name to put on our mailing addresses. I feel like we’re borrowing the names of our surrounding towns to identify our location.

We don’t really have a name, but we have amazing Peking duck.

I love the Peking duck at China Wok. Sometimes the chef comes out to cut the duck at our table. Other times, when he’s on vacation or it is his night off, the duck is cut into slices in the back and then brought out. The skin is very crispy. The duck meat is succulent and juicy. And the pancakes are made by hand, in house, which is a huge deal considering that Wayne and I paid more for duck that was served with warm tortillas at Mark’s Duck House– unfortunately, that place is only 15 minutes away; if only we knew better. What blows my mind is that the Peking duck is only $28 at China Wok, which is $10 less than Peking Gourment Inn, the supposed best place for duck in Northern Virginia where Wayne and I waited two hours for a table, even with reservation, and I felt underwhelmed with the duck. Mark’s Duck House, the place that served tortillas instead of the traditional pancakes, charges $32, AND the duck meat was dry.

I know the duck is good when I walk out of the restaurant feeling completely full but still craving duck and trying to plot how to convince Wayne to come back with me the next day.

China Wok
8395 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, VA 22182
(703) 893-4488


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