Meet Mitch

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Meet Mitch.

He is Wayne’s best friend from college. They met through mutual friends during Freshman year, and he became the older brother Wayne never knew he would need during college. The sweetest thing is seeing just how much he loves Wayne as a brother. One of my favorite stories that Wayne told me about them was that after the final break up between Wayne and his girlfriend of two and a half years and first love, Mitch would always make an effort to hang out and drink with Wayne, just the two of them, without his girlfriend, on a weekly basis as a way to provide support and check in with Wayne. Mitch took care of Wayne during one of his hardest emotional times. Because of that I have to respect and be grateful for him.

He currently lives in New York City, studying to be a rockstar in life at Columbia. He came down to visit Wayne and the other CMU alumni in the area and stayed with us for the weekend. Since he lives in the sensory-overloading, always moving-moving-moving, beautiful chaos that is New York City, I think our slow, suburban life provided a restful and relaxing, refreshing short break.

Then: The boys in 2006 (image used with permission from Mitch)

Now: The boys in 2011


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