Vase of Flowers

May 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am a sucker for headbands with flowers on them. Whenever I see one in a store, I immediately want to put it on my head and walk around the store with it while I shop (…and eventually end up at the register to buy it). To be honest, I am a sucker for just about any headband, but especially the ones with large, brightly colored flowers (or pompoms) that look delicate yet also make a statement.  I’m so ridiculous that I even shop in the CrewCuts section of JCrew for the headbands because sometimes I find the JCrew headbands to be too understated and demure for me.

For a while I didn’t know where to place all my headbands so they ended up lying on top of each other, looking quite haphazard. I wanted to organize and arrange my headbands in a way that was creative but also didn’t require my spending extra money on trying to find a headband holder that didn’t look like it was created for young girls or creating one out of circular box of oatmeal and fabric. I had a small flash of ingenuity and thought to arrange my headhands in a ginger vase so that they resembled a bouquet of flowers.

I think it needs to be said that Wayne and I are kind of really bad at keeping plants alive. I adore fresh cut flowers but I get sad when they start to die. I lovelove this idea because it’s such a fun play on floral arrangements AND I also found a place to keep my headbands (!!!).

I don’t typically have flashes of “diy” ingenuity– never mind that this is the laziest “diy” idea possible– so I’d like to revel in it like a happy little fly in a pool of chocolate pudding (I understand that this image probably isn’t too amusing to anyone except me, but please understand that my little fly is literally “as cute as a bug”).


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