Wedding Tangents

May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes, when I’m bored and I can’t reach my books, I like to plan my future wedding. This would be sort of weird because for the longest time I’ve only wanted the most basic get-the-marriage-certificate-and-call-it-a-day wedding. But, it’s actually not so weird because, even though “plan my future wedding” would probably mean to most people that I’m seriously trying to decide the season and location, what kind of wedding dress I want, or who we should invite, I really just seem to take those general wedding topics and run off on a tangent. Some examples:

1. Is there any way I can get Trader Joe’s to sponsor my wedding in any form? It’s not that I want us to be as cheap as possible and am willing to go looking for advertisements; it’s more so that I love Trader Joe’s that much and I want to work  the store into my wedding. Wayne learned a long time ago to just agree with me when I have my Trader Joe moments.

2. Instead of sending out save-the-dates, could I just start a rumor? Am I the only one interested and amused by the possibility of how that information will disseminate?

3. Play the boarding music from Eva Air as everyone enters and gets situated for the ceremony and reception (Wayne is in love with the boarding music from Eva Air).

4a. This requires years of planning, including bringing home, raising, and training our future stubborn little Shiba inu to do this for us: have our future Shiba inu dressed up to be the ring bearer and walk down the aisle by himself (or herself, we’re not set on the gender) without running off to chase a squirrel or making a break for freedom.

4b. Crap…How are we going to incorporate our future orange tabby cat into the festivities?

5. Maybe the reception should be an outdoor picnic theme just so I can arrange to have some LA food trucks cater. I really want photographs of myself in a beautiful wedding dress sitting on a park bench eating messy tacos.


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