China Wok’s “Secret” Chinese Menu

May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Considering that Wayne’s and my favorite places to eat Chinese and Taiwanese food are at least a twenty minute drive away, I was ecstatic last fall when Wayne found an authentic Chinese restaurant, China Wok, that is so close to us that we can call for delivery! This place has very good Peking duck that is actually cheaper than our previous favorite restaurant for Peking duck, Peking Gourmet Inn, which is also a twenty minute drive away and additional one hour to one and half hour wait, even with a reservation. Just the close proximity and the ability to walk in, be seated, and have the chef come out and slice the duck for me are more than enough reasons to convert me. But Wayne and I like the place because of their “secret” Chinese menu that has items not published on their official menu; instead the items are handwritten in Chinese with English translations and placed underneath the glass covering of each table. I haven’t found the “secret” Chinese menu online even though I’ve found their published menu at several websites, so I felt that I absolutely had to upload my photos of  the secret menu for other people to find.

For the published menu, go here.

China Wok
8395 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, VA 22182-2402
(703) 893-4488


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