Childhood Artifacts

May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wayne and I have spent the past two weekends in Maryland and New Jersey with each respective set of parents. The trips were partly to spend time with family, but mainly to help clean and move because there have been a lot of shifting of things, packing, unpacking. It was exciting because I get to excavate all the dusty cardboard boxes for childhood discarded items that are now adult gems and treasures. I took home the gems I couldn’t believe I let sit and gather dust in my old house.

My father’s boss in Australia gave me this stuffed koala when I was born. When I twist the metal knob clockwise, it plays “Waltzing Matilda”. I used to listen to play at night as I fell asleep when I was extremely young.

Naomi gave me this moka pot when she came home from her travels in Italy the summer after we graduated high school. I didn’t take it with me to LA because I didn’t have a stove freshman year, and I was afraid I would lose it with all my moving. But I loved it and thought it was a sweet gift. Between this moka pot and my sketchbook, it seems that my favorite gifts are always from her.

I found this book at Wayne’s parents’ house. I love the rips in the cover and the fraying of the paper along the cover’s edge. I love the creases and the wearing along the spine from being open and closed too many times. It looks so well-loved. It used to belong to Wayne and it was actually a gift from a friend. I loved the little message Wayne wrote on the first page when he was in 6th grade, thanking his friend: “Courtesy of Ryan to Wayne/Thankx Ryan!” The Time Quartet was my favorite series during my childhood. I loved the time and space travel along with the message of love (not just romantic love) as a powerful force that always triumphs. Interestingly, my second favorite series when I was growing up was the The Chronicles of Narnia series, but I can’t bring myself to join a church. I prefer my personal relationship with God.

I can’t write about a visit to Wayne’s parents without including a picture of this sweet girl. She is sometimes the bane of Wayne’s existence because she is so lovable, so sweet, so friendly that for weeks after we visit, I ask him on a daily basis for a cat. A sweet one who will also sleep with me, under my arm like a teddy bear. It still surprises me that she sleeps with me when I stay over. She can turn anyone who dislikes cats into a lover of cats. She’s something magical. (PS. Can I just say how delighted I felt when I was able to catch her at the exact moment she was licking her nose? So adorable!)


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