Letters to Spring and Friends

April 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Spring,

You have broken my heart multiple times the past couple of months with your indecisiveness. You’re hot and then you’re cold. And then sometimes you snow? I’m not sure if I can trust you.

Dear Mango Mochi Ice Cream,
I know some people like to celebrate the end of their work day with a glass of vino or a chilled bottle of beer, but you, my darling, are my favorite way to end the day during the summer time. Don’t worry. I don’t cheat on you during the winter months; I’m far too busy rolling myself up into a tight taquito of blankets and pillows and wool socks.

Dear Sweater Tights,
You were my best hosiery friend during fall and winter. You made me look fashionable while still keeping me warm, which, let’s face it, was much more important to me than anything else, including looking fashionable. But I think we might need to take a break…We’ve spent an awful lot of time together…And while I was walking home from work (…and then to the leasing office because I forgot my key inside the apartment and was locked out), I realized that we need to take some time too cool down.

Dear Summer,
I get it. You’re just around the corner. I’m going to the gym… Tomorrow.


Love, hearts, & kisses, kisses, kisses from Jenny


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