Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee

April 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Sunday morning in Pittsburgh, I had ice cream for breakfast.

Not just any ice cream. It was peach cobbler flavored ice cream with bits and chunks of gingersnaps mixed throughout. And the ice cream tasted like as smooth as soft serve. Served in a paper cup, it looked like peach oatmeal. Breakfast is regretting giving me the green light to eat dessert first and is wearily sighing at my attempt to at least make it look like a typical breakfast item. And my inner five-year-old is in awe at my audacity, cheering, “You go giwl!”– I had an issue pronouncing my r’s correctly; I probably still do, but I just don’t care.

Wayne and I met up with Jeff and Wynee at Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee Co for waffles, ice cream, and coffee, the three things this place is known for. I knew from the door handles that I would like Oh Yeah! Ice Cream. I didn’t realize how important door handles were until I saw the large brass antique ice cream scoopers as the door handles. I was instantly excited. I had the same feeling I usually get when I read a really good first sentence. I wanted to re-read it a couple times to savor the feeling, but it’s hard to read objects that have no words, so I took pictures instead.

The interior was decorated in such an adorably kitschy way that I felt that I had stumbled into someone’s attic. Every bit of wall space was taken up with license plate or a street sign or a pieces of colorful paper advertising an upcoming local crafts fair. Apparently there is free wifi, with the password given by the staff when asked.  Along the left side of the wall, where there weren’t seats, there were large wicker baskets filled with organic cookie sandwiches and teas for sale. And in there back was a community driven library with books to check out for a fee or straight book trade for free. Along the right side of the wall was a huge chalkboard listing all the different toppings that can be mixed into the ice cream. Some were conventional, such as chocolate sauce, candy bar chunks, and fruits, and some were very unconventional, like baklava, bacon, bee pollen, and hops. And then some were intangible, like love and magic. I was overwhelmed by just the sheer number of options. I couldn’t even focus to figure out which combination of base ice cream flavor and toppings to order. Oh Yeah! must understand this because next to the ordering station were a stack of blue menus with suggestions of their favorite combinations of ice cream and toppings to be mixed together.

I ended up ordering the peach cobbler ice cream because it was the only ice cream flavor that I wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere– other ice cream options were: vanilla bean, chocolate, mint chip, and birthday cake. I add the ginger snap topping because I thought it could represent the flaky crust in the peach cobbler. Nilla wafers would have been better, but I prefer ginger snaps because I feel there is more personality in the latter. The toppings options were meant to mixed with the ice cream, but Wynee asked for her toppings to be mixed into the waffle batter with a scoop of plain vanilla bean ice cream on top. Both Wayne and Jeff got the Pittsburgh latte, which was mildly sweet and a little bitter. Unfortunately, my peach cobbler with gingersnaps was so sweet that I couldn’t really taste anything when I had a sip of Wayne’s latte. My tastebuds were overwhelmed by the sweetness.

I loved this ice cream shop because it was so fun to visit, with so many decorations to look at and so many different ice cream and topping options to choose. It is easily one of my favorite places in Pittsburgh.


Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee Co.
232 S Highland Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 253-0955


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