Hotcakes from Pamela’s Diner

April 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

Saturday morning in Pittsburgh, Wayne and I ended up waking up well before any of his friends so we decided to get brunch by ourselves. After some discussion over where to eat– in a nutshell: I kept suggesting Rose Tea Cafe and then immediately taking it back because I felt foolish for making him eat there again when we’re suppose to be on vacation and therefore trying new restaurants or at least different restaurants; however, once the guilt subsided, I would suggest Rose Tea Cafe again– we decided on Pamela’s, a Pittsburgh favorite for breakfast and brunch with several locations around the city. We went to the Squirrel Hill location, and it was decorated in a way that was a tribute to the 70’s with its brightly colored chairs, a large disco ball that hung in the middle of the restaurant, and the walls were the canvases to paintings of The Village People, Diana Ross, and Saturday Night Fever.

I love breakfast; it’s easily my favorite meal with its sugary goodness and colorful fruits. Breakfast is essentially giving me the green light to eat dessert first. And breakfast offers savory options so Wayne doesn’t have to suffer at the whims of my sweet tooth. Unfortunately, it was pouring and there was a line just to get into the restaurant. But we stayed! And waited in the rain! We were determined! …Never mind that we had an umbrella, and I was wearing my magenta-colored rain boots, which always make me feel sunny despite a rainy mess. I feel like this is my equivalent to cliché story of having to walk to school uphill both ways through the snow. Now, I can say with a false air of indignation, “Pshh! You youngin’s don’t know how easy you have it, getting to wait out in the sun. In my day, we had to wait for hours in the pouring rain, just for a hotcake!”

But, damn, those hotcakes were good. Seriously. I had no clue what a hotcake was until I ate here, and now I am stuck craving them. In my opinion, a hotcake is the love child of a pancake and a crepe with the cake-y texture of a pancake and the thinness of a crepe. During its formative moments, it decided to be rebellious and play a little too close to the fire, which is why its edges are crispy and caramelized.  Pamela’s offers different toppings and fruits such as bananas, strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, or sour cream to stuff inside the hotcakes. I decided to order one the specialty hotcakes, the strawberry hotcakes, which sounded delectable with the combination of strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar stuffed inside. The hotcakes were warm and delicious. I loved the contrast of textures between the soft, cake-y middle of the hotcake and the crispy, caramelized edges that gave me a satisfying crunch as the pieces shattered in my mouth into bits of sugar.


Pamela’s Diner
5813 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 422-9457


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