Photo Diary: My Day Off

April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Whenever Wayne and I travel, it feels like we just hit the ground running as fast as we can into our trips. We don’t usually stop for breaks; we do as many activities as possible; and we’re almost constantly eating, eating, eating. Maybe it’s the food coma, but at the end of our vacations, even as short as some are, I feel utterly exhausted and wish for a day to actually relax. I end up wishing a little bit to have my regular Saturday back. This weekend, we’re traveling to Pittsburgh to visit Wayne’s alma mater, Carnegie Melon University, for the school’s spring festival. Before this trip, Wayne and I decided to use one of our vacation days to live out an ideal day if we didn’t have work. It turns out that our ideal day very closely resembles our Saturdays.

The day was gorgeous and so warm.

All the vibrantly colored flowers celebrated Spring’s arrival. They can’t create the fanfare, so they attempt to replicate the colorfulness of the confetti with their petals.

We ate a late breakfast in Georgetown.*

My ideal day involves a lot of eating, some shopping, and numerous photographs to document everything.

Wayne’s ideal day involves working on his swing at the driving range. I actually love when we go to the driving range because I get to sit out in the sun and read.**

* Like most normal people on their day off, Wayne slept in until 11 AM. My overenthusiastic body decided to wake up at 6:39 AM, a full hour and a half before I typically struggle to get out of bed and get ready for work.

**Wayne tried to teach me how to swing a club at the driving range early in our relationship. After listening to his tips and making his adjustments to my body so that I stood in the proper position, I swung as hard as I could and the ball stumbled off the green mat and lackadaisically rolled with a stubborn, exasperated attitude. The ball and I knew I was hopeless. The ball accepted that it wouldn’t be able to fly through the air with me but decided to humor me a little bit.


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