Bistrot du Coin

April 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last Sunday– man, being sick really ages a person; last Sunday feels like it was weeks ago–, Wayne and I met up with Susie and Alex for a good-bye lunch before their drive back up to New Jersey.

Susie found a French-Belgian restaurant, Bistrot du Coin, near their hotel that received wonderful reviews on Yelp (Four stars! With 478 reviews! People on Yelp are snarky so this is kindofsortoreally a big deal!) that she was eager to visit. Apparently Bistrot du Coin has very good steak, omelettes, and French onion soup, but I was excited to try the mussels, which were steamed in varied selection of sauces to choose from, each tasting drastically different from the other. I chose to get a small pot of the Moules Normandes because the combination of leeks, potatoes, mushrooms, and bacon sounded dee-viiiine. Wayne opted to share some of my mussels so he could order a ham and cheese omelette, which sounds very normal and even a little banal until we each took a bite, and it was ooey-gooey and cheese-y and fluffy and have-we-been-eating-crap-omelettes-all-our-lives(?!)-delicious. Needless to say, it was a very good omelette that made all our previous omelettes taste like wet balls of cotton.

I loved the mussels! The pot I received was the best I’ve had in the DC area, though maybe all that bacon did help win me over. The mussels were large and plump and well-flavored.  Even though I loved the mussels, what I loved even more was the rich, creamy sauce that I used as the dipping sauce for the crusty slices of baguette that accompanied my pot of mussels.

I actually really liked the service if for only reason: Alex was able to send back his Beef Bourguignon over egg noodles without any trouble or argument. Overall, his dish was unfortunately overcooked; the meat was tough while the noodles were so soft and mushy.  He was able to exchange his overcooked dish for an omelette.

And here’s a picture of  my favorite part of the pot of mussels, which, oddly, is not the mussels:

Hello gorgeous. You would look lovely in my tummy.

Bistrot du Coin
1738 Connecticut Avenue Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20009-1103
(202) 234-6969


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