Saturday Breakfast

April 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

My ideal breakfast:

But, I compromised, and I had some of this as well:

Susie thought she had a monstrously large sweet tooth until she visited me. She mentioned how she ate around four to five pastries and sweets a day when she was in Barcelona a few weeks ago, and I thought ‘here’s a girl chasing after my own heart’ and had saccharine daydreams of spending an ideal day with her eating cupcakes, gelatos, and macarons. We’d finish the day with tiramisu.

Unfortunately, my sweet tooth is like the gentle giant who doesn’t realize his large mass and strength when he plays with his little friends. My gentle giant of a sweet tooth accidentally pummeled Susie’s sweet tooth when I peered into a display case that housed several different kinds of delicious pastries and wondered if getting one of each of the different miniature tarts would be really be enough for the two of us as I ordered them– there were only four different tart flavors. As I contemplated the idea of changing my order of four miniature tarts to six tarts, Susie balked at the number and asked if we should get less. I nodded and audibly agreed and then changed the combination of miniature tarts while still keeping the number the same, thinking, for some illogical reason, that getting two tarts of two flavors would be better than getting one of each. My gentle giant of a sweet tooth was flustered and confused, but it did mean well. We ended up with two miniature fruit tarts and two miniature vanilla crème brûlée and fruit tarts.

We also shared a plate of breakfast that consisted of a forgettable croissant, strips of crispy bacon, a hearty helping scrambled eggs, and a really delicious small potato pancake that I probably would have enjoyed more if I weren’t preoccupied with the tarts. I really do just have a one-track mind: sweets.


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