Happy Birthday, Cheng-yee!

April 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today is Cheng’s 26th birthday. Yay!

It’s actually really important to me that I remember her birthday each year since I only bother to remember a handful of people’s birthdays. It is a personal marker to signify that those handful of people are incredibly special to me.

What I actually said:

Heyyyyy it’s Jenny. Okay, happy birthday! It is your birthday, right? I’m pretty sure that it is your birthday because MiRi’s is like in two days, and I have you two kind of liked grouped together– and not to be mean or anything*. But, like, seriously like two days apart? So. Er. Happy birthday! Yayyyy!…Er, yeah, your owl will be really, really, really late. Sorry. But, hey, happy birthday! I’ll see you soon! Byeeee!

So the actual message isn’t that much better than what Google voicemail transcribed because both sound a little confusing. And I think Google voicemail was trying to save my dignity and make me sound less ditzy. While I truly appreciate the earnest effort on Google voicemail’s part, if it truly knew me, it would know that its effort was for naught– it can’t spend its entire life trying to put out all my accidental verbal fires. And I quite like the consequential beautiful blaze.

At least this time, Google voicemail didn’t think I wanted to apathetically commit suicide.

* I have it in my head that grouping together people’s birthdays is kind of impolite because each person’s birthday is special… even though I do it. I do feel kind of bad about it though.


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