Susie, my little sister (sort of)

April 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Meet Susie.

She is the little sister I always wanted.  She is incredibly sweet, generous, and oh so friendly. Because of her, I understand when women with actual sisters say that they adore and admire their little sisters and wish a little bit to be more like them.

I knew this bubbly, beautiful girl before her name was “Susie”. That’s how long I’ve known her. Let’s ignore the fact that she changed her name from her Chinese name to “Susie” when she was in the 7th grade.  She moved quite a bit during her childhood and only settled in one area for more than two years when she moved to New Jersey her sophomore year of high school. Because of all her moves and some circumstances, I hold the title of being her “Oldest (in terms of how long we have known each other) Friend”; a title I’m always a little surprise to hear since I always assumed that since we were pretty good about keeping in touch through the years, she must have kept in touch with friends she knew before me.

She was the first real friend I made when I moved to Baltimore, which was actually several months after my family had finished unpacking all the moving boxes. Due to the timing of our move, which was just a month before the end of the school year, I ended my 5th grade year by starting at a new school over 2,300 miles away. The friendships I made in the last month were only at the acquaintances level. My friends that following summer were daily reruns of  The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Boy Meets World, weekly marathons of Brady Bunch and I Love Lucy, and quarts of cookies ‘n creme– I thought it was a pretty great summer. I met Susie at the end of the summer at a backyard party hosted by my dad’s coworker. I approached her because she was the only girl there who looked around my age. We quickly became friends and bonded while peeling crabs that were covered in Old Bay and listened to her dad brag that she was much better than him at getting into the nooks and crannies of the crabs to find all the meat.

Our parents became good friends because of our friendship. We would see each other often on the weekends and at the parties our parents had. We even fell into a routine of carpooling to Chinese school (she was in “4th grade” while I was stuck in remedial “1st grade” with all the other middle school-aged students who didn’t want to be in the regular “1st grade” since it was filled with actual first graders) on Sunday afternoons, then eating dinner at her house after Chinese school  and watching Animorphs afterwards. Unfortunately, after a year and half or so, she moved away to Delaware. We kept in touch with the occasional phone call that were usually months apart, and my family would visit her family whenever they had a party. She moved again three years later, this time to New Jersey. Our phone call frequency grew to years in between calls instead of months, and we never saw each other again. But we still thought positively of each other. I remember my last phone call with her was during my Freshman year of college, and it was to convince her to join me in LA at USC.

Two weeks ago, she contacted me asking if I still in the DC area since her boyfriend would be in the area for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, and she wanted to come down and visit. She came down Friday night, and, although we both look older and a little different, it felt as if nothing had changed.


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