Red Cowboy Boots (A homage to Kimi Finster)

March 30, 2011 § 4 Comments

The lack of Asian women in the American media back in the 1990’s to the early 2000’s was so apparent that my favorite Asian girl was a little Japanese girl with three pigtails, Kimi Finster from Rugrats.  I thought she was adorable, spunky, and could really pull off her purple cowboy boots. She had her own sense of fashion, even if it never changed and included a diaper. I loved her little brightly colored cowboy boots and wanted a pair, though, back then, I didn’t think have the fearlessness (or fashion sense) to pull them off. And I thought it was a little bit silly to take fashion advice from someone who can’t tie her own shoes.

Rugrats eventually jumped the shark with the characters suddenly being pre-teens and was canceled. I forgot all about little Kimi and her cowboy boots until I started reading Rockstar Diaries and Naomi’s journal entries about how much she loved her cowboy boots. I was inspired by the way Naomi paired her boots with delicate, feminine pieces or brightly colored pieces in addition to anchoring the red color with neutrals, especially black. Seeing her photos made me remember little Kimi, and I suddenly wanted red cowboy boots, even though little Kimi’s were actually purple. My memory had mistakenly logged the color of Kimi’s cowboy boots as vibrant red, and I wasn’t about to let the reality of her boots being purple squander my decade-long (albeit dormant) dream of owning a pair of red cowboy boots.

Now, say “hello” to the Lucilles*.

As a little homage to little Kimi Finster, I incorporated the purple from her cowboy boots and the yellow from her dress into my outfit by wearing purple tights and a yellow skirt.

I love these boots. They have a cushioned footbed, which will make them so much more comfortable to walk around, especially since I will be wearing them so often this coming spring, summer, and fall– not so much winter because I will be in hibernation and refusing to step outside. I am convinced they match everything in my closet. Even if they completely mismatch some outfits, I will love the mismatchy-ness.

* The boots are named “the Lucilles” because it was the first name that popped into my head. I name all my possessions this way, and it’s worked out pretty well– Herbet the duck-shaped humidifier hasn’t complained yet. I probably should have named the boots “the Kimis”, but to be fair, the name, “the Lucilles”, popped into my head first, and I think I had chosen another name over them in a previous naming ceremony that goes on in my head. The name felt a little cheated about last time.


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