Cheery doughnuts

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of the little quirks I have that Wayne doesn’t quite understand is that the second we cross the Delaware-New Jersey border on our weekend visits to his parents, I suddenly want to visit a Dunkin Donuts for a Dunkaccino and a frosted doughnut covered with multi-colored sprinkles. And I want to go bowling. And visit a diner. None of this really makes sense since Wayne and I live within a three minute drive to our local Dunkin Donuts but we rarely visit it, and Wayne goes bowling with his friend two, three, sometimes four times a week so I can easily join but I usually opt to stay home and fall asleep while watching something in our Netflix queue. Not to mention that I’m so pathetic at bowling that I have to use the 6lb ball and my goal is just to bowl straight (… and sometimes I fall over after I throw the ball). I actually only like diner food in theory since I don’t like the fried foods offered because they tend to be tasteless and greasy and hugely portioned; though I do like milkshakes. Mmmm strawberry

While New Jersey is some times the butt of jokes, I seem to have gone in the complete opposite direction and started embracing all the aspects I think makes the state, New Jersey (I’m not taking “Jersey Shore” or the other New Jersey-based reality shows into consideration). With Dunkin Donuts, I think it’s the fact that Wayne’s parents live in an area where there are literally five Dunkin Donuts located on the same road, each within a minute of each other, and all the repetition breaks down my willpower and silently encourages the suggestion that my life could definitely be happier if there were more strawberry frosted doughnuts. The sprinkles looks so cheery!


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