(Lack of) Intuitive driving directions

March 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Please don’t ask me for directions.

I don’t say this because I think that since Google Maps and turn-by-turn navigation exist, people shouldn’t ask me. I say this because I have no clue what the world looks like in map form and I give directions based on restaurants, chain stores, and, sometimes, feelings. Those two technologies have made it easier for me to hide the fact that my idea of the map of the world is very different from an actual map of the world. Most of the time my map of the world is the mirror image, and apparently not even logic can clue me in on how to rearrange my map to match Google; I thought Japan was closer to Singapore even though Japan does have snowy winters and was surprised to hear that South Korea had harsh winters because I thought it was located closer to Vietnam even though I knew China and North Korea had a special relationship. I also thought the Poconos was located near the Bahamas.

Beyond my completely rearranged map of the world that is utterly useless, I can’t word directions in any comprehensible way that another person can follow. I’ve honestly given directions that included the sentence: “When you get the feeling that you missed the turn, keep going until you feel that feeling again, then turn”.


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