Happy Birthday, Wayne (again)!

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Maybe there just aren’t enough holidays for me–even makeshift ones like Nutella Day– so I’ll take some of the important holidays to me and celebrate it multiple times. Fortunately for Wayne, his birthday is one of my favorite holidays, so ever since he started dating me, he celebrates his birthday at least four times in a span of one week: with his friends, with his family, with my family, and with me. Sometimes there’s a drunken birthday night thrown in, so maybe five times. It’s a lot of cake and a lot of off-key singing for him all in one week. Maybe next year I’ll have the foresight to plan ahead to for us to fly over to where ever his best friend Dan is attending medical school and celebrate with him.

We visited his family this weekend to celebrate his birthday with them. Wayne’s dad took him golfing with some family friends while I did some grocery shopping with his mom for his birthday dinner. Wayne’s mom bought him a chocolate cake with fresh fruit filling from a bakery inside a local Chinese grocery store.



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