Hot n Juicy Crawfish in DC

March 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wayne went to DC last Friday and stumbled upon Hot n Juicy Crawfish, a seafood restaurant that specializes in crawfish with varying spice levels and seasonings to pick from that is located in Woodley Park, immediately across the street from the metro station on the Red Line. He loved it so much that he took me there on Sunday, just two days later. We went there during the off-hours, the awkward time during the afternoon that is way too late for lunch but a bit too early for dinner, so there was no crowd if there usually is a crowd. Outside seating is offered but was completely full when we stopped by; the inside was pretty empty with only two other groups getting their hands dirty with peeling and eating the crawdads, shrimp, and crabs. We were seated quickly at a table that was prepared in advanced for the messy mayhem with a disposable, plastic table covering and had plastic bibs wrapped around our necks before I even knew what was going on; it was as if the bib just suddenly appeared around my neck.

Wayne ordered two pounds of crawdads and one pound of shrimp, all with the “Hot n Spicy” seasoning and “Spicy” spice level. What we both thought was odd was that in order to get a free small corn on the cob and small red potato, we had to order in increments of two pounds of crawdads, otherwise each was $0.75. Typically, these items come free regardless of how much is ordered at other restaurants. I guess it is one of the luxuries this restaurant indulged in with being one of th few restaurants in the area serving crawfish, but the corn and potato are still overpriced. The crawdads and shrimp came out hot in two clear, plastic bags. As we dug in to the bag of crawfish, I quickly realized that my interpretation of “spicy” was very, very wrong and my lips hurt from burning. Wayne was in sinus-clearing, eyes-tearing heaven while I was in sinus-clearing, lip-burning, sudden-unbalanced-inner-ear confusion and simultaneously wishing that the restaurant offered mango lassi. I ate two crawdads before relegating myself to only eating the shrimp and corn and on the cob, which were no where as spicy as the crawdads despite being ordered with the same seasoning and spice level. The shrimp were big and juicy and deliciously well-seasoned. They came with the heads on and tasted fresh. I liked them so much that I didn’t feel too bad about not being able to eat the crawdads, though I’m looking forward to coming back and ordering a medium level of spice. I think we might need to order another pound of crawdads in the future because Wayne finished the two pounds easily and started work on our bag of shrimp before we finished eating.

One thing I especially liked about the design of the restaurant was that there was a sink with soap and paper towels located in the back outside of the bathrooms so it made washing up much more convenient since our hands were incredibly messy. Something that Wayne and I didn’t really bother to consider before coming Hot n Juicy, even though we knew were coming, was to not wear white or light colors. Wayne’s shirt ended up with some crawfish juices splatter and has spent the past day and night soaking in a tub of water with Oxiclean.

PS. To see the menu with the seafood  and seasoning options and the prices click here.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish
2651 Connecticut Ave NW
(between N 24th St & N Woodley Rd)
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 299-9448


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