Sprinkles Cupcakes in Georgetown, DC

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last week was a very good week if for no other reason than that I found out that Sprinkles Cupcakes and Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt had both opened up stores in the DC area.  In my world where the sky is passionfruit pink with a tinge of orange*, I interpreted it as a sign that LA missed me too and decided to just follow me to the nation’s capital. I know it’s not true, but it’s nice that the two stores’ capitalistic ventures cross paths with my food cravings. I wasn’t a big fan of either Pinkberry or Sprinkles when I lived in LA for the same reasons why I under-appreciate the art museums and historical museums of DC even though I was an art student and I’m a history nerd; it was just so readily available that I took my visits for granted. Plus, in LA, there was Yogurtland, which I adored so much more than Pinkberry because I could buy (read: stockpile) taro frozen yogurt. One can only imagine the betrayal I felt when I returned to my favorite Yogurtland (it’s located across the street from a Trader Joe’s) during an LA visit and there was no taro frozen yogurt option. It got personal, and my favorite Yogurtland and I had our first fight with a heavy helping of guilt– obviously it was one-sided since buildings can’t talk and the frozen yogurt just melted in indignation. I would say that it was probably the first signs Wayne should have recognized that he wasn’t dating a Rachel or Monica, but he was most definitely dating a Phoebe– man, all the “Friends” references lately.

So my Mike Hannigan took me on a date of cupcakes and crawfish in Georgetown and Woodley Park on Sunday. It was slightly to make up for the fact that both of us fell asleep during our date night the previous night before the date even started. Wayne knew that it was a date because I actually changed out of my red and black plaid fuzzy pants with little Paul Frank monkeys scattered all over.

Sunday was a really pretty, bright day, and, if there were no wind, which caused me to feel slightly cold, it would have been perfect.  There was a small line of seven or eight people waiting in front of Sprinkles but it was understandable since the store had just opened two weeks ago and it was Sprinkles. The line was longer at Georgetown Cupcakes, which I do enjoy as well but not enough to wait in line, especially when I just view it as one of many Sprinkles’ East Coast copy-cats. It reminds me of one of my art teacher’s words when we were going through slides of images of modern art and students kept commenting, “I could totally do that.” My art teacher said, “You could do that. I could do that. Easily. But who did it first and well?”

Wayne and I picked out Irish chocolate, lemon, peanut butter chip, and red velvet. The Irish chocolate cupcake is seasonal and only available from March 4 through March 20. It was very moist chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting and a small clover cut from fondant. It was so soft and fell apart easily. The cake had a deep, richly chocolate flavor that reminded me of chocolate cakes that have a little instant coffee or stout beer added for a little bitterness to enhance the flavor. It was really easy for me to enjoy this cupcake since the cake was probably made from my favorite chocolate cake recipe with the stout beer swapped out for something else that could enhance the chocolate without needing proof of age.

Unfortunately, Wayne and I are being slow at eating the cupcakes. Today, we ate the peanut butter chip, which I only enjoyed when my bites included cake and frosting. The cupcake was a dense cake with chocolate chips interspersed and covered with peanut buttercream and topped with chocolate sprinkles. The nutty flavor from the peanut butter was almost overpowering and the cake wasn’t very sweet on its own. Actually, a majority of the sweetness of the cupcake was derived from the peanut butter buttercream. The sweetness help cut through the dense cake. I couldn’t handle the dense cake and needed to drink a lot of water afterwards. While I wouldn’t want to pick this cupcake again, I would like to try Sprinkle’s peanut butter chocolate cupcake.

* A professor once asked me during office hours, “So tell me, what color is the sky in your world? Ours is blue.” Apparently, it was that evident that I was a bit quirky.

Sprinkles DC
3015 M Street NW
(between N 30th St & N Thomas Jefferson St)
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 450-1610


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